Osmosis Poland Exhibition

Osmosis / ポーランド企画展



キュレーター トマーシュ・ウェンドランド

Osmosis / Poland Exhibition

The ultra-intelligent machine will be the last invention of man.
Irving J. Good

"Osmosis" in the Greek language means - impluse. A membrane divide to different environmets, having different content. There is a moment when a process of permeability, soaking, exchange and balancing starts. The previous devision brakes. Some particles melt and create new values, some of them remain immutable in a new environment. Sometimes we cannot stop those processes, we do not know when they will start. This relates to the power of nature as well as social relations. Recently civilization has opened a gate to the digital universe. Human curiosity leads us to discover and extend the definition of life. Now we do not speak only about virtual reality but also about extended reality, where more and more we can only observe the digital processes. We desire to create a virtual inteligence and observe its own independent existence. At the same time we are again delighted by the power of nature. Clay, for thousands of years, has a dispersed intelligence, memory.
Her dust in contact with water again turns into dense mass. An artist can make a sculpture imitating a human face, the clay will not lose its identity at all, but when it dries it will crack again and become dust. We are experiencing that analogue and digital reality is one and we live in both of them. Our exposition examines their unity and their osmosis and raises the question above all religious divisions about the essense of the universe, about the common logos.

Tomasz Wendland, Curator


  • アンドレアス・グスコス(ポーランド)Andreas Guskos - Poland
  • アレク・マルチンコフスキ(ポーランド)Arek Marcinkowski - Poland
  • アンジェイ・ワシリエフスキ(ポーランド)Andrzej Wasilewski - Poland
  • ウェイ-ミン・ホー(台湾)Wei-Ming Ho - Taiwan
  • たきたりさ(ポーランド)Risa Takita - Poland
  • トマーシュ・ウェンドランド(ポーランド)Tomasz Wendland - Poland
  • マチェイ・オスメツキ(ポーランド)Maciej Osmycki - Poland
  • マチェイ・ルジン(ポーランド)Maciej Rudzin - Poland