Neither Black, Nor White / Poland Exhibition

Neither Black, Nor White - 黒でもなく、白でもない / イスラエル企画展



キュレーター シール・メラー-ヤマグチ

Neither Black, Nor White / Israel Exhibition

The works of the Israeli and Palestinian artists in this exhibition move between black and white, experimenting with the tension between creation and destruction in various media.
Living in a complex reality and facing contradictions on a daily basis demands a broader vision of reality, seeing the interdependence of opposing parts of the whole.
Ori Gersht presents a fast-motion video of the Arab village Iksal emerging from darkness to dazzling light. Both conditions reflect our blindness to see reality as it is.
Farid Abu-Shakra seemingly peaceful landscapes, created by soft shades, are disturbed by combat planes and by piercing the paper he reveals the hidden pain.
A process of destruction and creation also takes place simultaneously in Maya Cohen Levy's Match Field, made by half-burnt matches, and in her peeled photographs expressing the presence of absence.
Tal Amitai -Lavi's fragile landscapes are dissolving gradually into a transparent existence, expressing a sense of impermanence in nature and man-made world.
Noa Yekutieli's installation questions relativity of memory by paper-cut fragments reflected in a black pool and re-accumulated into a new personal narrative.
Manar Zuabi's Video also fuses the border line between pure and stained; dressed in white in a pure intimate space, she jumps into black paint with total immersion.

Looking beyond black and white through these works offers a visual and sensual experience of relativity and impermanence.
Our world is moving into greater extremities, emphasizing the differences between humans. This attitude leads to more violence and greater suffering.
Our role is to open our eyes and look beyond separation, recognizing this dualistic perception, of which we can free ourselves.

Shir Meller-Yamaguchi, Curator


  • シール・メラー-ヤマグチ(イスラエル)Shir Meller-Yamaguchi - Israel
  • オリ・ゲルシュト(イスラエル)Ori Gersht - Israel
  • タール・アミタイ-ラヴィ(イスラエル)Tal Amitai-Lavi - Israel
  • ノア・イェクティエリ(イスラエル)Noa Yekutieli - Israel
  • ファリド・アブ・シャクラ(イスラエル)Farid Abu Shakra - Israel
  • マナル・ズアビ(イスラエル)Manar Zuabi - Israel
  • マヤ・コーヘン・レヴィ(イスラエル)Maya Cohen Levy - Israel