Distant Relatives / Bulgaria Exhibitions

Distant Relatives - 遠い親戚 / ブルガリア企画展


キュレーター ニア・プシュカロヴァ

Distant Relatives / Bulgaria Exhibition

Contemporary methods of researching our roots are becoming broader. This research might lead us to find unknown relatives. What do distant relatives mean to you? Are you close, is there a similarity, do you feel sentimental or completely the opposite? We often forget these people, but when we remember, there is a link to society as a small scale model. It might allow us to look between the gaps in our memories which expand or contract.

Nia Pushkarova, Curator


  • ニア・プシュカロヴァ(ブルガリア)Nia Pushkarova - Bulgaria
  • エリッサ・ガネヴァ・ゲオルギェヴァ(ブルガリア)Elitsa Ganeva Georgieva - Bulgaria
  • ガリーナ・ヨトヴァ・ヴァシレヴァ(ブルガリア)Galina Yotova Vasileva - Bulgaria