Zeng Chao



Rockery is a model based on the characteristic natural stone that has been used in the history of Chinese garden modeling, and is considered to be a means to fulfill people’s desire to return to nature. I made this Rockery the center of my production theme, and the work was formed as its various forms. The concept of Rockery is deeply connecting to the influential Chinese philosopher, Zhuangzi, and Laozi. The emphasis in Chinese painting was that the concept of “Qi” was reflected on the picture screen as “Qi”. My previous studies have shown that “Qiyun” is a matter of brushstroke. With the motif of Rockery as a motif, I used modern painting materials such as oil paint and acrylic paint using the historical production method called Brush stroke of ink painting, painting history, depiction, material, history He created paintings using elements that were highly mixed. The subtitle of this paper, “Place of Qiyun” is based on philosophy represented by inspiration. Various themes such as temporality, spatiality, conflict and harmony where all things depend on Rockery and places, and all things depend on each other are revealed through my painting studies. I tried to make it. Asking the world about the great works that lead to the “Place of Qiyun” is an extremely challenging attempt of expression for me.


2020 東京造形大学大学院博士課程美術研究領域修了


2019 ZOKEIギャラリー「ポール・曾超」個展/東京
2013 GALLERY Q「曾超展」/東京


2021 「中之条ビエンナーレ2021」/群馬県
2019 「寺田倉庫T-ART HALL展」T-ART HALL/東京
2019 「アートフェア東京2019「Future Artists Tokyo」展」東京国際フォーラム/東京
2018 「M-ポリフォニー2018」ZOKEI ギャラリー/東京造形大学/東京
2018 「渋谷芸術祭 SHIBUYA AWARDS 2018ARTS」/渋谷駅コンコース特設会場/東京
2018 「アクリルガッシュビエンナーレ2018」/ターナーギャラリー/東京
2017 「M-ポリフォニー2017」ZOKEI ギャラリー/東京造形大学/東京
2017 「第 53 回神奈川県美術展」神奈川県民ホールギャラリー/神奈川
2014 「東京五美大展」 国立新美術館/東京
2013 「アートラボはしもと 2013」 相模原市民 ギャラリー/神奈川
2012 「M-ポリフォニー2012」ZOKEI ギャラリー/東京造形大学/東京
2012 「アートプログラム青梅 2012」/青梅


2016 公益財団法人神林留学生奨学会 研究助成
2014 香港 Sovereign Art Foundation ノミネート
2014 日本現代芸術振興財団主催 CAF賞 優秀賞 受賞


2014 公益財団法人 現代芸術振興財団会長 前澤友作コレクション




Doctor of Philosophy in Design and Fine Arts

Completed the doctoral course in art research at Tokyo Zokei University in 2020. I mainly produce the modeling of “Rockery”, and I am advancing thesis research under the theme of “Consideration of” Qi “, Rockery and Chinese Painting and Creation of Works Based on It”.

Solo exhibitions

2013 GALLERY Q “Zeng Chao Exhibition” / Tokyo
2019 ZOKEI Gallery “Paul Zeng Chao” Solo Exhibition / Tokyo

Group exhibitions

2021 ”Nakanojo Biennale 2021″ /gunma
2019 ”Art Fair Tokyo 2019″ Future Artists Tokyo “Exhibition” Tokyo International Forum / Tokyo
2019 ”Warehouse TERRADA T-ART HALL Exhibition” T-ART HALL / Tokyo
2018 ”Acrylic Gouache Biennale 2018″ / Turner Gallery / Tokyo
2018 ”Shibuya Art Festival SHIBUYA AWARDS 2018 ARTS” / Shibuya Station Concourse Special Venue / Tokyo
2018 ”M-Polyphony 2018″ ZOKEI Gallery / Tokyo Zokei University / Tokyo
2017 ”53rd Kanagawa Prefectural Art Exhibition” Kanagawa Kenmin Hall Gallery / Kanagawa
2017 ”M-Polyphony 2017″ ZOKEI Gallery / Tokyo Zokei University / Tokyo
2014 ”Tokyo Gobi Exhibition” The National Art Center, Tokyo / Tokyo
2013 ”Art Lab Hashimoto 2013″ Sagamihara Citizen’s Gallery / Kanagawa
2012 ”Art Program Ome 2012″ / Ome
2012 ”M-Polyphony 2012″ ZOKEI Gallery / Tokyo Zokei University / Tokyo


2016 Kamibayashi International Student Scholarship Foundation Research Grant
2014 Hong Kong Sovereign Art Foundation nomination
2014 Received the CAF Award for Excellence, sponsored by the Japan Foundation for the Promotion of Contemporary Art

Public collection

2014 Yusaku Maezawa Collection, Chairman of the Foundation for the Promotion of Contemporary Art

Paper presentation

“Tao, Rockery and Chinese Painting “,” Modeling Research Theory “, Tokyo Zokei University, June 2018
“Qi, Rockery and Chinese Painting,” Doctoral Dissertation, Tokyo Zokei University, December 2019