菅原 久誠

Hisanari Sugawara
菅原 久誠





Geodiversity, biodiversity, and cultural diversity are seamlessly connected in this space-time-foam world with or without any logics. Standing in the spacetime with complexity and chaos mixed just like café au lait, I begin with looking at rocks. Rocks connect to all factors in the world, and vice versa. The essence is interpreted from gently collected evidences in our small but wide patio, and my objective is to tell people about it.

Systematic and comprehensive learning is based on the classifications by fields, subjects, and difficulties. This accepted leaning in the world, however, often discourages the awareness of “seamless connections” of fields or subjects. Observing and considering a phenomenon with a wide perspective, we probably can find hidden keys to understand the essence. The journeys to find these keys would be Art or Science, don’t you think?


愛媛大学大学院理工学研究科数理物質科学専攻地球進化学講座博士後期課程修了 理学博士

2022 違う道を辿れば in “2022 つくばビエンナーレ 周縁の美学”(茨城県つくば美術館,茨城)
2022 違う道を辿れば(人形町ビジョンズ,東京)
2022 渋川アート・リラin伊香保(お宿かつほ,群馬)
2021 中之条ビエンナーレプレリュード展(イサマムラ, 群馬)
2020 NR(中之条アーティスト・イン・レジデンス)オープンスタジオ(イサマムラ, 群馬)
2019 砂の記憶(富岡市立美術博物館, 群馬)
2017 ぐんまの景観がこんなにも素晴らしい5つの理由(群馬県立自然史博物館, 群馬)
2015 よろいをまとった生きものたち(群馬県立自然史博物館, 群馬)
2014 富岡製糸場を支えたぐんまの自然(群馬県立自然史博物館, 群馬)
2014 ぐんまにもある!古生代・中生代の地層(群馬県立自然史博物館, 群馬)


Earth Sciences, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Ehime University (Ph.D)

2022 Otherways in the 7th International Tsukuba Contemporary Art marginal Aesthetics from the Edge Exhibition (TSUKUBA Museum of Art, IBARAKI, Ibaraki)
2022 Otherways (Ningyo-cho Visions, Tokyo)
2022 Shibukawa Art Rela in Ikaho 2022 (Hotel Katsuho, Gunma)
2021 Prelude of Nakanojo Biennale 2021 (Isamamura, Gunma)
2020 NR (Nakanojo Artist in Residence) Open Studio (Isamamura, Gunma)
2019 Memory of Sands (Tomioka City Museum)
2017 Five Reasons of Such Beautiful Landscapes in Gunma (Gunma Museum of Natural History, Gunma)
2015 Armored Creatures (Gunma Museum of Natural History, Gunma)
2014 Natural History and the Tomioka Silk Mill (Gunma Museum of Natural History, Gunma)
2014 Paleozoic and Mesozoic Groups in Gunma (Gunma Museum of Natural History, Gunma)