神垣 優香

Yuka Kamigaki
神垣 優香



The relationship between ordinariness and extraordinary is explored through the making of works.
It is close to the feeling that “an individual” becomes “universal” in the relationship between ordinariness and extraordinary.
I am interested in how individuals affect individuals universally, and vice versa, and how generality as a large current affects individuals. For example, when you look down from a tall building to the scenery below, you can see that as many people, car lights, and other objects move in a continuous manner, and as these objects act in a chain, the world rotates, and you realize that the existence of small dots forms energy and order in a continuous, large swell. And looking at it from a bird’s eye view, I was overwhelmed and moved by the size of the world, and I wondered what on earth my actions were affecting and affecting.



2019 東京藝術大学佐藤時啓研究室有志展「New normal,Abnormal,変わらないもの」参加  (取手アートギャラリー)
2019 越谷技博  参加(埼玉県越谷市)
2017 グループ展 「位置について、」(原宿デザインフェスタギャラリー)
2016 グループ展 IMA2016(東京藝術大学上野校地)参加
2016 取手のチカラ クリエイターズマーケット出品(アトレ取手)
2014 絵のまち尾道四季展尾道賞受賞


April ’19 to current
M.A. in Art, Tokyo University of the arts, Tokyo/Japan