Xueyu LIU
中国 / China

Bed head, Floor and Hot Water Bag
I have been exploring the “travel relationship” between the ordinary object and the space.
When objects strip off their shells of functions and reveal their original forms,they will have new imaginative identities.
I bring these new identities into various spaces and help them to find their respective habitats.
I add a unique mixture into the spaces, in which a magical fusion of various materials soon arrives.
It will intrigue the nostalgia among the audience and inspire them to think about the future.


Xueyu Liu, born in Sichuan, China (b.1993). She graduated from MA Fine Art,Chelsea College of Arts,UAL, and the BA of Contemporary Art, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. Currently, she lives and works in Shenzhen, China.She sees herself as a free creator wandering among distinct fields, where she practices her art while exploring possible ways of living and creating in the current social structure. Xueyu Liu’s work provides us with a narrative to view the relation between everyday objects and the traveling beyond reality. By dissembling domestic objects and deconstructing the original purposes, she creates a resonance between spatial perception and the subjective reconstruction with a poetic sense. A sensuous spiritual imagination was formed by the loss of functionality and the found an ineffable familiarity, which aims to bring the viewers to a surreal wonderland.

Solo Exhibition:
As__: Traveling in the Armchair, Lewisham Art House, London,UK
Shapes of Grey: Ting Hsu and Xueyu Liu 1+1 solo exhibition, SU Exhibition & Project Space,London, UK

Group Exhibition:
Drake’s Rejects,The Flying Dutchman, London, UK
Object d’ Art, MAFA Gallery,London, UK
Change, Chelsea College of Arts, London, UK
MAFA Interim Show, Cookhouse, London, UK

Path, Chelsea College of Arts, London, UK
Alt, The Old Police Station; London, UK
National Experimental Art Exhibition, Jun‘an Art Centre, Beijing, China
Guangdong Art Fair, Pazhou Exhibition Center, Guangzhou, China

Mirror, The Box Art Space, Shenzhen, China
1200Book Shop, Guangzhou, China

C.P Human, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Guangzhou, China


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  • シェーユー・リュウ ARTWORKS
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  • シェーユー・リュウ ARTWORKS
  • シェーユー・リュウ ARTWORKS
  • シェーユー・リュウ ARTWORKS