ジュンイチロウ イワセ

Junichiro Iwase
ジュンイチロウ イワセ

In the contemporary era of divisive politics and fake news, going beyond binary positions is more important than ever. The Buddhist concept of ‘Mu’ is a useful reminder. Mu recognizes that there is no definitive right or wrong, true or false, or good or bad. These are positions of polarity dependent on both, time and space, history and contexts. These sculptures can be utilized as tools for meditation to strive for what Zen Buddhists call, nothingness – a point of transcendence.


Junichiro Iwase

Junichiro Iwase was born in Tokyo and immigrated to Canada with family in 1972.  He currently lives and works in British Columbia.  Iwase graduated from Johnson Atelier Institute of Sculpture in 1997.  Since then, he has participated at international exhibitions, residencies, biennials, and workshops in Asia, Europe, Australia, and North America.  His work focuses on themes of ‘fragility’ and ‘balance’, in the 21st century.

Selected Exhibitions

2018    LAM 360°, Land Art Mongolia Biennial, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
2017    Art Beatus, ‘MU:  Beyond Duality’, Vancouver, Canada
2016    Moriumius, ‘Egg Forest’, AIR_J, Ishinomaki, Japan
2015    Mildura Palimpsest Biennale, Victoria, Austraila
2014   Bellwether Sculpture Biennale, City of Bellevue, Washington, USA
2013   Red Gate International Residency Program, ‘APT 402’, Beijing, PRC
2013   Nikkei National Museum, Double Zero’, Canada
2010   Liverpool Biennial of Contemporary Art, Liverpool, U.K.
2007   Art Beatus, ‘Cracked Up!’ Vancouver, Canada
2005   SIPPA, Seoul Arts Center, South Korea
2003   Gallery 21yo-j, ‘Focusing on New Generation in Tokyo’, Japan
1998   Itabashi Art Museum, ‘Attack/Damage:  Art in Tokyo’, Japan

Awards / Grants

2018   The Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant, New York, USA
2018   Canada Council for the Arts – Arts Abroad, Ottawa, Canada
2002   Japanese-Canadian Fishermen’s Memorial, British Columbia, Canada
1994   Johnson Incentive Grant, Johnson Atelier Institute of Sculpture, N.J., USA


Pollock-Krasner Foundation


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  • ジュンイチロウ イワセ ARTWORKS
  • ジュンイチロウ イワセ ARTWORKS
  • ジュンイチロウ イワセ ARTWORKS
  • ジュンイチロウ イワセ ARTWORKS
  • ジュンイチロウ イワセ ARTWORKS