三好_槇田 活動地:東京, 日本/Tokyo, Japan



I create Time and Space that people can imagine an individual world.
Our art works use environmental sounds and mechanical parts. These components are things that exist in daily life. We create site-specific art using the environment of the exhibition area. Therefore, people can easily imagine various things. In addition, watching art with physical experiences stimulates the viewers’ memories and emotions more deeply.
I would like to make an interactive space that people want to walk, touch and sometimes stop.



三好由起  MIYOSHI, Yuki:

名古屋大学理学部物理学科 卒業、名古屋大学大学院工学研究科 修了、多摩美術大学造形表現学部デザイン学科 卒業

Received MEng from Nagoya University, and received BFA in design from Tama Art University.
Worked as an engineer for 17 years at IBM Japan.


槇田篤哉 MAKITA, Atsuya :

筑波大学第三学群基礎工学類物理工学主専攻 卒業
現在、東京大学 空間情報科学研究センター 特任研究員

Received BEng from University of Tsukuba.
Worked as an engineer for 23 years at IBM Japan and at Sony.
Currently works as a Project Researcher at Center for Spatial Information Science, The University of Tokyo.



三好由起の主な展示 /槇田篤哉 制作協力:

2019 「Synthetic Mediart」, TAIPEI EXPO PARK, 台北市
2019 「間の祭り」, 常陸国総社宮, 石岡市
2017 「Light refractions」, 個展, オリエンタルデザインギャラリー, 広島市
2017/’15 「中之条ビエンナーレ 2017/’15」, 中之条町
2016 「ゲンビどこでも公募展 2016」, 広島市現代美術館, オリエンタルホテル広島賞
2016 「Promenades」, 個展, いりや画廊, 東京都
2013 「神戸ビエンナーレ 2013」, メリケンパーク, 神戸市, 奨励賞


The unit activities started in 2019.

Miyoshi’s selected exhibitions and awards (Cooperated by Makita):

2019 “Synthetic Mediart”, TAIPEI EXPO PARK, Taipei, Taiwan
2019 “Festival of Hazama” Shrine of Hitachi no kuni, Ibaraki, Japan
2017 “Light refractions”, Solo Exhibition, Oriental Design Gallery, Hiroshima, Japan
2017/’15 “NAKANOJO BIENNALE 2017”, Gunma, Japan
2016 “Open Call for Art Project Ideas 2016”, Hiroshima MOCA, Hiroshima, Japan, Oriental Hotel Hiroshima Prize
2016 “Promenades”, Solo Exhibition, Gallery Iriya, Tokyo, Japan
2013 “Kobe Biennale 2013”, Meriken Park, Kobe, Japan, Encouragement Prize


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  • 三好_槇田 ARTWORKS
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  • 三好_槇田 ARTWORKS
  • 三好_槇田 ARTWORKS