Wu Qiuyan

<中国 国際交流企画展>に参加。

Teachers, artists, curators

Born in 1979 in Shandong Qingdao, the ancestral home Jiangsu Yancheng. In 2004 graduated from the school of architecture of China Central Academy of Fine Arts, bachelor’s degree.

He graduated from China Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2008 / USA School of California art film school graduate cooperative class.Practice and teaching has long been engaged in new media art and space of creative direction.As an artist, had to experimental film, optical device, the magic trick media created a series about the mind and physicochemical environment intertwined regeneration “shadow space” works, such as: “Wu”, ” Anyway “, “isomeric” etc.As a curator, planning a plurality of image art, optical art and public art exhibition, focus on the use of spatial perception approach to creation exhibition environment, put forward and committed to the promotion of a “space medium” art cognition.The creation of “super laboratory”, carried out the prospect of a certain art from the practice level to cross the field of traditional civilization and the natural science and technology.


The main Exhibition:

In the Sky, Kun Ting art experimental base, , Beijing, China
Moving in Time,B3+Beijing,Cafa Art Museum,, Beijing, China
Onezero technology festival hit off the carnival, Wukesong stadium HiPark center, Beijing, China
The traditional interpretation, Chinese contemporary artists exhibition, Clif Lanzhou Prefectural University Art Museum ,USA
The Peach Garden axis side map, Contemporary art exhibition, International Exhibition Center, Beijing, China

CBC contemporary Chinese building and building of abduction, China Millennium Monument, Beijing, China
The 2014 International Youth Art Salon Exhibition, Museum of Hebei Normal University, Shijiazhuang, China

New Face, New Art—Chinese Emerging Contemporary Artists,Colorado State University Museum,USA
The boundary – life or art,The new media art International Education exhibition,TAFA Art Museum,Tianjing,China
Go with hope-City Public Art Exhibition,Sanctuary,Kun Ming, China

Follow Your Mind-New Media Art Exhibition,Beijing, China
Open Sky -Contemporary Art Exhibition,Beijing, China
CAFAM Future Exhibition-Sub-phenomenon: Ecology Report of Chinese Young Art, CAFA Art Museum, Beijing, China
Chinese new design-revisiting, mind control,DMY International Design Festival main hall,berlin,Germany
Virtual Engineering-First Shenzhen Independent Animation Biennale,OCT B10 Space,Shenzhen,China

XXX-Next 10 years of Contemporary Art,Today Art Museum,Beijing,China
Games-Young Chinese Artists , White Box Museum of art,Beijing,China
China New Design, Palazzo Chiablese Museum/ Milan Three Years Design Museum,Italy

Mind Effects, White Space Beijing, Beijing, China
Wasabi: An Exhibition of YCA (Young Contemporary Artist) ,LI – SPACE,Beijing, China
Track & qualitative Leap-The second international new media Art Exhibition Triennial,Beijing Film Academy 4˚ Space Museum,Beijing,China

NON—Experimental Art Exhibition, 751DONGLI Square, Beijing, China
The First China Youth video artist Experimental Film (Video) Exhibition, Beijing, China

Taiwan Biennial of Contemporary Ink, Chung Shan National Gallery, Taipei, China
Pingyao International Photography Exhibition—Pingyao International DV video art; Pingyao, China
Shadows Film Festival in Paris, Centre Georges Pompidou / Les Voûtes Space, Paris, France
Panorama—International Experimental Film, Experimental Animation roving Exhibition, 798/CCD Workstation /Gallery798 AYOU /M50, Beijing / Shanghai / Pingyao, China
Italy The new Chinese shadows—the young video art of peking—Video Art Exhibition, Trieste Contemporary Arts Center, Trieste, Italy
Destilando territorios communes—Revealing Common Territories—Contemporary Art Exhibition, Spain

Beijing 798 Art Festival Mito—8 photo exhibition, 798, Beijing, China
Blank—Experimental imaging devices / sound Art Exchange Exhibition, Beijing, China
Backyard of the Red Sun International Exhibition Tour of Experiment images, Beijing, China
The first ever NeoSpring Creative Festival, Shanghai, China
Open Video—Short Film Show, Art District M50 Image Tunnel, Shanghai, China

Global Chinese Environmental Art Exhibition

The film festival:

Vancouver International Film Festival Chinese Poetry Unit, Vancouver, Canada
Experimental Film Festival in Seoul, Seoul, South Korea
54 International Youth Arts Festival—Experimental film unit; Rainbow Beach Museum of Art,Beijing, China
The 3rd Beijing Independent Film Festival—Chinese video clips unit, Songzhuang Art Museum, Beijing, China
Scene • Area • Emotion-Screenage 2010CIFVF Experimental unit,Chongqing University,Chongqing,China

The Main Curatorial Project:

Art Beijing Art Fair Curator :
2013 Park Art Zone-Art Beijing Special Project,Agricultural Exhibition Center of China,Beijing, China
2012 Isomer-Screenage Art Phenomenon Exhibition,Agricultural Exhibition Center of China,Beijing, China
2011 N/1 Mixed Media-Exhibition,Agricultural Exhibition Center of China,Beijing, China
2010 Art Beijing-Scene • Area • Emotion-unit,Agricultural Exhibition Center of China,Beijing, China
2009 Image Beijing” Art Beijing, Artists cinema unit,ChinaAgricultural Exhibition Center of China,Beijing, China

Theme Space Exhibition Curator :

2012 Beijing International Light Media Installation Art Exhibition,Shijingshan amusement park green square,Beijing,China
2013 Micro Migration-Public Art Dialogue Exhibition,Bestown,,Tianjing,China
2012“Mo Source” Town Footprint Exam
2012 Cambrian Along-Initial Creation Art Exhibition-Initial report,CAFA,Beijing,China
2013 sixth Chengdu Biennial Echo law unit,International Exhibition Center,Chengdu,China
2013 Self discipline and Speculation-third international new media Art Exhibition Triennial International school unit,Beijing Film Academy 4˚ Space Museum,Beijing,China
2010 The First 798 Multimedia Art Festival—Manufactured “Landscape” Theme Exhibition,798 Metal Space,Beijing, China
2011 Homologous the actual and virtual-Beijing New Media Arts Exhibition 2011,Songzhuang Museum,Beijing, China
2008 Recollect the future. Unfinished—Experimental Media Art Exhibition, ShangBao Museum of Art, Beijing, China

China Screenage Art Exhibition Curator :

2010 The Scene • Continuous Tense-Screenage Art Dialogue Exhibition,CCD Workstation,Beijing, China
2010 Scene • Area • Emotion-New Video Media Art Exhibition,WenJin Art Center,Beijing, China
2010 Scene • Area • Emotion-Screenage Art Document Exhibition, SongZhuang Gallery, Beijing, China
2010 Scene • Area • Emotion-Art Beijing, Artists cinema unit,ChinaAgricultural Exhibition Center of China,Beijing, China

Beijing Fangjia Hutong No. 46 International Art Festival Curator :

2009 From Scratch-China New Media experimental films Arts Exhibition, ET-AC, Beijing, China
2009 Mood Conversion-Space Media Art Exhibition, ET-AC, Beijing, China
2009 Dream of Hope Valley-New Space Aesthetics Art Exhibition, FangJia Hutong 46,Beijing, China
2009 Dream of the West to the East-The International Experimental Film Art Exhibition, FangJia Hutong 46, Beijing, China
2009 Focus-International Animation Art Exhibition,Wild Box,Beijing, China
2009 Memory Xinjing-New experimental cutting-edge video Exhibition,Wild Box,Beijing, China
2009 Unbounded-Contemporary Experimental Theatre Arts Program,FangJia Hutong 46, Beijing, China

The Charity Exhibition Curator :

2012 Spotling-City Public Art Exhibition,Water Cube National Aquatics Center,Beijing, China

Memory Series Theme Exhibition Curator :

2012 Seal Memories Matrix-Super Media Screenage Environment Art Exhibition,Ditan Peony Garden,Beijing, China
2011 Cold Memory-Space Media Art Exhibition,798 Tea Space,Beijing, China
2011 Potential Memory-Thinking Screenage Art Exhibition,Epson,Hua Mao Center Gallery,Beijing,China
2011 To construct New Memory Card-Screenage Art Exhibition,CAFA,Beijing, China
2011 Memory of Another Way-Thinking Screenage Art Exhibition, CCDworkstation ,Beijing, China

Similar Theater Exhibition and Performance Curator(2010-2013) :

Wild Box Plan:

Wild Box Plan-Cross Boundary Experiment Theatre Art Exhibition &Perform,Wild Box,Beijing, China
2010 Who? Contemporary Emotion Media Arts Exhibition & Perform,Wild Box,Beijing, China
2010 Buried- Experimental Gamut Art Exhibition &Perform,Wild Box,Beijing, China
2010 Donkey Friends Sleep Walking Legend-Space Media Art Exhibition & Perform
2010 Heart. Layhandsontocover-Contemporary Emotion Media Arts Exhibition & Perform,Wild Box,Beijing, China
2010 Daily Taste-Contemporary Emotion Media Arts Exhibition & Perform,Almond Coffee,Qingdao, China
2011 Seal? Oh-Gamut Space Experience Exhibition & Perform,Time Museum,,Beijing, China
2011 Eased To Grow -Contemporary Emotion Media Arts Exhibition & Perform,Songzhuang Museum,,Beijing, China
2012 Secret Scene Super Media Art Exhibition/ Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium, Beijing, China
2012 Resonance Magnetic Field-SimilarTheatre Art Exhibition &Perform,The China Millennium Monument,Beijing, China
2012 Poetry about Control- SimilarTheatre Art Exhibition &Perform,CAFA,Beijing, China
2012 “Micro Light Ink Source” New Media Environment Art Exhibition & Performance ,CAFA Art Museum,Beijing, China
2012 Mutual cutting time and space-Art model code Exhibition & Performance, The Art Museum of China,Beijing, China

Professor Course at the Central Academy of Fine Arts:

Image Analysis,
Television Advertising Creative,
Integrated Media Expression,

Space Media Art,
Space Culture Display Design,
The New Media and the Spread of Space Design,
City Environment and Public Space Design,

Cross Media Brand Strategy Design,
City Experience,
Two Dimensional Design,
Three Dimensional Design,
Four Dimensional Design,
Integrated Design


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