宮内 理

Aya Miyauchi



Taking fine arts as a tool for communication, Aya is creating places and environments for everybody to enjoy, especially is seeking the possibility of fine arts as an education to cultivate aesthetic sensibility for children and students.
Under the concept “Things excite children, excite adults as well”, She has been holding exhibitions, curating events and giving presentations where participants actively join handcrafting art products, in community-based local places such as zoo, museum and abolished school in which children and adults visit.
She has founded an art-related event producing organization “Journaniyal Art” in October 2015 as the representative.


2016 「じゃー!プロジェクト/こおりやまアーティスト・イン・レジデンス」主催
2016 「アートアイランズTOKYO2016 国際現代美術展」/旧波浮小学校(伊豆大島)参加
2015 「ジャーナニヤルアート企画」 発足
2015  「南木曽アーティスト・イン・レジデンス/NAIR」参加 /旧妻籠小学校(長野県木曽郡南木曽町)
2010  「Emotional Coffee」(個展)/クラインブルー (神保町)
2009 「えっぽい」(3人展)/トキ アート スペース (青山)
2008 埼玉県こども動物自然公園 中央ステージ壁画制作及びメインロゴマーク作成
2008 「縄文ピュア」/飛ノ台史跡博物館(船橋)プロジェクト参加
2006 多摩美術大学優秀学生 福沢一郎賞 /福沢一郎記念美術財団
2008 多摩美術大学大学院 美術研究科修了
2006 多摩美術大学 美術学部 絵画学科 油画専攻卒業


Projects / Exhibitions:
2016 Koriyama Artist¬in¬residence program/Asaka history museum,Koriyama-shi,Fukushima
2016 Art Islands Tokyo,The 6th Internationalcomtemporary art exhibition/Izu-Oshima,Tokyo
2015 “Journaniyal Art” started
2015 “NAIR(Nagiso Artist¬in¬residence program)/Nagiso¬machi,Kiso-gun,Nagano
2010 “Emotional Coffee”(Solo Exhibition) /Klein Blue, Jimbocho
2009 “EPPOI”(Group Exhibition) /TOKI Art space, Aoyama
2008 Painting of the main stage for various events and design of logo¬marks/Saitama Children’s Zoo
2008 “Jomon¬pure”(Art project) /Tobinodai Historic Site Park Museum

2006 Fukuzawa Award, Tama Art University

Academic CV:
2008 Tama Art University of the Arts Graduate School,MFA
2006 Tama Art University,BFA(oil painting)




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  • 宮内 理 ARTWORKS
  • 宮内 理 ARTWORKS
  • 宮内 理 ARTWORKS
  • 宮内 理 ARTWORKS
  • 宮内 理 ARTWORKS