テッタ(Satoko Sugimoto)




My work consists of Oil painting, photography, performance and art project.
And my main motif for my work is Buddha Statue.
Because, I think about Buddha Statue is like a time capsule.
The style of Buddha statue greatly changes by the made area and times.
My purpose is to express the era of “now” by using Buddha statues.
I hope that 500 years later, 1,000 years later, future people know our living time through my work. And I go to visit various countries, I want to exchange the culture with the people, and I will make works that embody a figure of the salvation.

One of my masterpieces is “The Sanju-san-gen-do Temple project”.
I produced it since 2010. The purpose of this work is collecting the portraits of the living people who make transformed into Bodhisattva by makeup.
The work is the homage to Sanjusangen-do Temple of Kyoto.
There are 1,000 Buddha statues in the Temple.
I think that embodied prayer of the people who ask help during the difficult time.
The era had many wars and starvation.
By follow it in the style, I ‘d like to make the work which express salvation of the living people in today.


2009 多摩美術大学大学院美術研究科絵画学科油画領域修了
2007 多摩美術大学美術学部絵画科油画専攻卒業

2020 「さいたま国際芸術祭2020」/埼玉
2020 「My sclupture」Gallery gigi /神奈川
2019 「あしかがアートクロス2019」/栃木
2019 「中之条ビエンナーレ2019」/群馬
2018 「KANNON」KREIS Galerie/ニュルンベルク,ドイツ(Blue Night 2018)
2017 「On Paper -Monochrome & Colors-」GALLERY MoMo Projects/東京
2017 「中之条ビエンナーレ2017」/群馬
2016 S-VA-HA「Shangri-la」MoCA パビリオン/上海、中国
2015 「Trans Arts Tokyo 2015」/東京
2014 「三十三間堂プロジェクト展」3331Arts Chiyoda/東京、日本
2014 「江ノ島七変化」藤沢市民ギャラリー/神奈川
2012 「incloud」GALLERY MOMO ryogoku/東京、日本
2012 「黄金町バザール2012」/神奈川
2011 「再生‐regenerate-」-GALLERY MOMO ryogoku/東京
2010 「VOCA2010」上野の森美術館/東京


2009 M.F.A painting, Tama Art University
2007 B.F.A painting, Tama Art University

Selected Exhibitions
2020 “Art Sightama 2020” /Saitama, Japan
2020 “My sculpture” Gallery gigi /Kanagawa, Japan
2019 “Ashikaga Art Cross 2019” /Tochigi, Japan
2019 “Nakanojo Biennale 2019” Gunma, Japan
2018 “KANNON” KREIS Galerie/Nuremberg, Germany(Blue Night 2018)
2017 “On Paper -Monochrome & Colors-” GALLERY MoMo Projects/Tokyo, Japan
2017 “Nakanojo Biennale 2017” Gunma, Japan
2016 S-VA-HA” Shangri-la” MoCA Pavilion / Shanghai, China
2015 Trans Arts Tokyo 2015/Tokyo, Japan
2014 “Exhibition:33gen-do temple project”/3331ArtsChiyoda/Tokyo, Japan
2014 “Enoshima Shichihenge” Fujisawa city Gallery/Kanagawa, Japan
2012 “incloud” GALLERY MOMO ryogoku/Tokyo, Japan
2012 “Koganecho Bazaar 2012″Kanagawa, Japan
2011 “regenerate” GALLERY MOMO ryogoku/Tokyo, Japan
2010 “VOCA 2010” The Ueno Royal Museum/Tokyo, Japan