Tanya P Johnson
活動地:Canada-South Africa

Integrating the aesthetic of collage, assemblage and found art, a cabinet of curiosities meets ceremonial altar. Fetish meets artifact. Ritual object meets family photo album. Flotsam and jetsam meet the edge of the bog. Light meets dark.

I work in various media including painting, installation, assemblage, paper cutting, drawing, printmaking, collage and writing. My practice incorporates creating in public spaces, collaboration with theatre makers, performers and video artists as well as exhibiting internationally.

Born in Kenya, raised in South Africa during apartheid and revolution and living rurally in British Columbia, my work is concerned with concepts of consciousness, liminality, belonging and story telling. It is informed by ideas of colonial accountability, relationship with land and my interest in transformation, the supernatural and ancestors.

Combining an inquisitive gaze at allegorical edges and in-between spaces with the tracking my own ancestry, the work examines and unsettles notions of paradigm as enforced by language, cosmology and culture. It is informed by my exposure to certain North and South American ceremonial practices and altars, South African Sangoma initiation and sacrificial rituals, African muti markets and use of fetishes and ritual objects. Ideas of the colonial mind are unpacked and visual suggestion given for alternate ways of seeing.

An obsessive and serendipitous gathering and sorting of objects, ideas and material are intrinsic to my art process. This and the method of word trades that inspire an invented text, contribute to the storytelling in the work. It is in the re-contextualizing and combining of these elements that new meaning is suggested.


1991    Bachelor of Fine Arts (honours), University of Cape Town, South Africa

Selected Exhibitions:
2019    ‘Murmurations’, Nakanajo Biennale, Japan
2019    ‘This is a Photograph of Me’, Arts Assembly and Halka Art Project,
Istanbul, Vancouver, Canada
2019-   ‘Samson’, performance/installation, design collaboration with Brett
Bailey, Cape Town, South Africa, to tour South Africa and Europe
2018    ‘Story Keepers’, Mongolia Land Art Biennale, Mongolian National
Modern Art Gallery, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
2018       Residency, LAM, Murun Sum, Mongolia
2018    ‘Sense of Place’, DAS, Amsterdam University of the Artes, Netherlands
2018    ‘The Seventh Hill’, 4Bid Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2017-   Carnival Corporation Cruise Line (Mediterranean, Caribbean, Northern
Europe) via Artlink, Tel Aviv, Israel
2017    Residency, Halka Art Project, Istanbul, Turkey
2017    ‘Sanctuary’, Collaboration with Brett Bailey, performance/installation,
Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens, Greece
2017    ‘Beacons’, Residency and exhibition, Hangar Centro de Investigacao
Artistica, Lisbon, Portugal
2017    ‘Edge of the Light’, Touchstones Gallery, Nelson BC, Canada
2016    ‘Building a Better World’, Kootenay Gallery, Castlegar BC, Canada
2015    ‘The Imaginarium’, Oxygen Art Gallery, Nelson, BC, Canada
2014    ‘Transforms and Anatomical Thought Maps’, 4bid Gallery, Amsterdam,
2014    Artist Residency, 0T301, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2013       ‘Riverspines’, The Langham, Kaslo, BC, Canada
2013    ‘Riverspines’, Grand Forks Art Gallery, Grand Forks, BC, Canada


  • タニヤ・P・ジョンソン ARTWORKS
  • タニヤ・P・ジョンソン ARTWORKS
  • タニヤ・P・ジョンソン ARTWORKS
  • タニヤ・P・ジョンソン ARTWORKS
  • タニヤ・P・ジョンソン ARTWORKS
  • タニヤ・P・ジョンソン ARTWORKS