Simon Whetham

I work with sound as I enjoy the initial exploration of a location, discovering it’s characteristic and hidden sounds, and the patience this takes. It is this process that acquaints me with many aspects of a place.

During this process I often record intriguing sounds I hear, which immediately disconnects the sounds from their source, de-contextualising them. The activity that caused the sound is already in the past but an imprint of it, part of it’s essence, has been retained. These captured moments of time can be heard again, the sound no longer ephemeral.

I explore the fact that sound is energy, and I use recordings or live action to trigger motion in objects or transform a sound by playing it through various materials, resonating them. I wish to explore further energy forms, such as light, wind and water to produce or trigger sound.

It is the physical quality of sound that inspires and excites me. That it can be felt, but you are unable to touch it.


‘This Chamber (is never empty)’ for Treasure Hill Artist Village group exhibition, Taipei, Taiwan
‘Everyday Emanations’ solo exhibition, S.Y.P., Tokyo, Japan

‘Vestiges of Discomposure’ for ‘Father Sky Mother Earth’, Mount Tsukuba, Japan
‘Fureai’ for Abiko International Open-air Arts Project, Japan
‘Trace Evidence’ for Ropewalkers, OSR Projects, West Coker, UK
‘Memory of the Storm’ for Open Arts Project 2016, Art in Nature, Busan, South Korea
‘Attrition’ for ‘Uncertainty, Connection and Coexistence’, SIMA, Suwon, South Korea
‘Traces of Water/Trace of Life’ for ‘Crossing’ group exhibition, Yatoo International Project 2016, Yatoo Nature Art House, Wongol, South Korea
‘Sweep’ mixed media installation for Geräuschwelten Festival 2016, Münster, Germany
‘Watering the Piano’ for Spring Festival, Arc Artist Residency, Romainmôtier, Switzerland
‘Ómur’ sound installation for Fresh Winds 2016, Gardur, Iceland

Selected concerts
‘Blurred Edges’ Festival (solo and collaborative performances), Hamburg, Germany
‘Geräuschwelten’ Festival, Münster, Germany

‘Between the Fields’ sound piece for ‘Let the East and the West’ residency exchange exhibition at Art District_p, Busan, South Korea
‘Return’ sound installation for ‘Sousei’ exhibition, with Tsukuba Art Center, Japan
‘Portrait Mouillé’ video and sound installation in collaboration with Shin Mijung for ‘Cross Reacting Confession’ group exhibition at Iksan Creation Center, Iksan, South Korea
‘Sonic Activity: Prague’ 4-channel sound installation composed from recordings of participants of two day workshop, Galerie Školská 28, Prague, Czech Republic

Selected Concerts
Korean Artist Residency Festival, Gunsan, Korea
Performance with workshop participants, Galerie Školská 28, Prague, Czech Republic

‘Found Sound Materials’ exhibited as part of ‘창작의 내일/Creative Tomorrow’ Art Space Residency Festival exhibition, Citizen’s Hall, Seoul City Hall, Seoul, South Korea
‘Found Sound Materials’ exhibited as part of ‘움츠러드는 세계, 유목하는 몽상가/Shrinking World, Nomadic Utopians’ residency exhibition, Artist Residency TEMI, Daejeon, South Korea

Selected Concerts
‘Sonic Activity’ solo performance for Residency Festival, Seoul City Hall, Seoul, Korea
‘The World of Hidden Sounds’ performance with schoolchildren and Eamon Sprod (AU),


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