SEO Jeong-Bae

A long time ago I kept a daily diary in a notebook as a means of sorting out the tangled emotions I was struggling with. I recently came across this notebook after a long time but was too embarrassed to open it. After a good while I began rereading it and came to realize that nothing mattered to me. I then began writing a diary from a third-person point of view and became interested in developing characters that can express and interpret my emotions from different perspectives. The character, Kiki, was created in this way.
So, the text in my work is the diary written by my persona, Kiki. She enables my experiences to develop into fictional narratives that can be reflected on, allowing us to make round trips to and from this reality-fiction. The work is a narrative construction of my inner emotional space as filtered through the fictional voice of the character of Kiki. The installation visualizes the complex metaphors in text, drawing, and painting.


SEO JeongBae
Born 19 February 1974 in Seoul, Korea. Working and living in Seoul

2002-2009 Maîtrise, DEA(equivalent Master 1,2) and Doctorate in Plastic Art in The University Paris 1(Pantheon-Sorbonne)
2000 MA in Eastern Painting, Sungshin Women’s University, Korea
1997 BA in Fine Art, Konkuk University, Korea

Solo exhibitions 
2018 Bluish Rhapsody, Gallery Dorossy Salon, Seoul Korea
2017 Monday 3pm, Gallery Doll, Seoul, Korea
2016 An Articulation in Coscience, Gallery Palais de Seoul, Korea
2014 #55 Le Dispositif de penser, Gallery Dos, Seoul, Korea
2014 The narrative documentation on idea/24hours, Cheongju Art Studio, Cheongju, Korea
2011 The Silence Serious, Gallery Mui, Seoul, Korea
2009 LA rencontrer, Gallery ON, Seoul, Korea
2009 LA rencontrer, lagalerie, Paris, France
2007 Conte en talon aiguille, Espace Tristan Bernard, Paris, France
1999 The Mysterious Wind, Gallery Kwanhoon, Seoul, Korea

Selected Group exhibitions 
2018 The 4th Studio White Block Exhibition, Art Center White Block, Heyri, Korea
2017 6th Nakanojo Biennale, Japan

2019 Youngeun Art Studio, Gwangju(Gyeonggi), Korea
2017-2018 Studio White Block, Heyri, Korea
2013 Cheongju Art Studio for 6months in Cheongju, Korea

2014 SOMA Drawing Center Award, Seoul, Korea
2007 Selected for 52th Salon de Montrouge, France
2006 Selected for Salon d’Automne 2006, France
2005 Selected for 50th Salon de Montrouge, France
2005 Selected for Salon d’Automne 2005, Franc

Public Collection
Art Center White Block, Heyri, Korea


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