Pirko Julia Schroeder

The work of Pirko Julia Schroeder is research for human made structures and cultural phenomena. She works with photography (or video) – but the photography isn`t shown in a frame on the wall. The photography is installed in the room. It works with the room and the special environment of the place. So the works are often site specific. Another important aspect of the works is the size. The photo installations or objects are often in the original size as the motive that has been photographed. So the perception of the works often deals with illusion that photography can provide.

For example at the installation »public telephone« in Nykarleby, Finland. There she installed the photograph of an public telephone that has been in this place – the only bus station in the city – some years before. So for the people of this place it was the illusion of the former telephone and also the memory of having this public telephone in this place.

Taking photographs of the surface of special places is also a kind of research for traces of time and people.

Related to this her latest work is »The skin of the third skin«. It took place while an art symposium in the Nuremberg Kunsthaus. Schroeder documented the surface of the building that has a rich history been used as a place for cultural projects, concerts, actions and exhibitions. The titel refers to the first skin of human being as the real skin, the second could be textile/clothes while the third skin is architecture.


1970    born in Fuerstenfeldbruck, Germany

1991-98   Akademie der Bildende Künste Nürnberg and Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe

1997                  master student

1998                  AEG Kunstpreis Ökologie (first award)

scholarship HSP II for young scientists

1999                  graduation award of AdBK Nürnberg

1999 – 2004 member of the artists group »Querfeld«

2001                  First award of Förderkreis Bildende Kunst, Nürnberg

since 2008       projects with the artists and research group »LeoPART – Kunstprojekte in St. Leonhard« Nürnberg

since 2011       member of the artists group »Der Kreis« Nürnberg

various scholarships, lectureships and residencies (f.e. Finland, Poland, Japan, China)


Ausstellungen und Projekte (Auswahl):

2017     »Retouching The Dessert«, Dessert Art Project, Negev, Israel

»In den Raum« artists symposium, Kunsthaus, Nuremberg

»70 Jahre Künstlergruppe »Der KREIS«, Kunstvilla, Nuremberg

2016 »Gemeinsames Geschehen« with Thomas May, KREIS Galerie, Nuremberg

»20!« Exhibition in public space, Krakow and Nuremberg

2015     »Krataczki / Emsigkeit«, Dom Norymberski & Galeria Trzeczie Oko, Krakow, Poland

»Lichtgestalten«, Kulturpalast Anwanden

»Buntes Gewerbe«, Kunstvilla, Nuremberg

2014     »Nykarleby Recall – Coming Back«, Bothnia Biennale, Nykarleby, Finland

»Rest-Art-Work«, Krakow, Poleand

»stripes – Bildbände(r) im Raum«, Galeriehaus Nord, Nuremberg

»Macht / Ohnmacht«, Gedächtniskirche, Nuremberg

2013       »… zatem szaleństwo mieszka gdzie indziej”/ “…denn der Wahnsinn wohnt woanders.«

Galerie Dom Norymberski, Krakow, Poland

»Germany (Nuremberg) Painting & Photography«, Zhuzhou, China

2012    »our house«, Kreisgalerie Nuremberg

2011    »Archäologische Alltagsforschung« with Larissa Kopp & Florian Aschka, Nuremberg

„KREIS im Loftwerk”, Nuremberg

2010    »KREIS im Wald«, international artists symposium, Reichswald, Nuremberg

2008    Kunsthalle Wasa, Finland

»Glück« Hörcollage, Gustav-Adolf-Gedächtniskirche, Nuremberg

»Napric Generacemi / Im Querschnitt«, Clam-Gallas Palais, Prague, Tschechien

2007    »Available Art 4«, Freiraum at the Museumsquartier, Vienna, Austria

2006     „sightseeing Krakow/Nürnberg”, Videoproject, Kunsthaus, Nuremberg

„Lightboxes”, Alchemia, Krakow, Poland


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