菅沼 稔

Minoru Suganuma



One of the attractions of the paintings is colors used on canvases.
“The sense of space made by colors” is my work theme.
We need space in order to gain “the sense of space”.
Indeed, a huge canvas being limited by its space plays magnificently the symphony of light and colors, and I only wish it creates a new space within.
I am now trying to paint in order to create the sense of space.


1974 東京藝術大学美術学部絵画科油画専攻卒業
1976 東京藝術大学大学院美術研究科版画専攻修了
1998 アーティスト イン レジデンス(フランスマゼレールセンター、ベルギー)
2000 第29回現代日本美術展、横浜美術館賞
2001~02 文化庁派遣芸術家在外研修員として欧州滞在(主にスペイン)
2004 開館15周年記念「イメージをめぐる冒険」展(横浜美術館)
2007 「DOMANI明日展」(文化庁主催、損保ジャパン東郷青児美術館)
2008  バーラトバーバン国際版画ビエンナーレ展、名誉賞受賞(インド)


1974 Graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music.
1976 Completed Postgraduate Studies at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music.
1998 Artist in residence in Belgium(Centrum Voor Grafiek FransMasereel).
The 48th Exhibition of Modern Art association,Japan.(Awarded)
2000 The 29th Contemporary Art Exhibition of Japan. (Awarded)
2001 ~02 Stayed in Europe(mainly Spain),
Dispatched by the Agency for Cultural Affairs for the Japanese Government Overseas Study programmer for Artists.
2004 Exhibition of [Adventures in Images] Yokohama , Japan.
2007 Ehibition of [DOMANI ASU] (Organized by the Agency of Fine Arts and Music, Japan)
2008 Bharat Bhavan international print biennial 2008 India.(Award)


  • 菅沼 稔 ARTWORKS
  • 菅沼 稔 ARTWORKS
  • 菅沼 稔 ARTWORKS
  • 菅沼 稔 ARTWORKS
  • 菅沼 稔 ARTWORKS
  • 菅沼 稔 ARTWORKS