Dolgor Ser-Od

Project name: Bird Cherry Tree

Inspiration: I am deeply attracted to the nature and frequency of the elements as the trees and water, mountains and clouds. I feel the power of the natural environment that expresses all of my desire and creativity as magnetic space of those natural characteristics. Since more than an decade I have started to create art in respect of
nature to unlock the unknown power of attraction. When I painted the spring season as a blossoming Prunus Padus also known as Bird Cherry tree, there was something missing in the painting, that would like to express within the 3 dimensional experience of the environment. (I created a lot in 2008-2010). For Nakanojo Biennial now I would like to bring these natural elements of beauty on a white screen, that functions as a flysheet of a tent. This would express the youth energy and the love. It would also express a nomadic approach to nature, the belonging together of Men and nature.

Project Plan and Methodology
I would like to build a tent and print my colored drawing on the outer cotton of about 2 meters that covers the inside of the tent. Inside the ornamental images will be illuminated by the natural light. In order to create an ambiance of an „Light Box“, I would like to cover the tent with white material and the light inside will summarize the sun light and colors of paint. The tent would „work“ like a camera obscura or a kaleidoscope.

Visitors are invited to enter the tent and share the experience. There will be an inner garden within the „outer“ garden of the park. I believe it will be possible for the visiting people to understand my art directly.


Born in 1973 Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

1992 Art college,
1995 “Soyol” college, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
2005 Fine Art University, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
2008 Emigration to Berlin Germany

1998 Solo exhibition, Zanabazar Museum
1998 International Symposium of German and Mongolian artists
1999 Solo exhibition “Flower”, Zanabazar Museum
1999 Solo exhibition “Ger” , Art Jallery of the UMA
1999 “Women and Society” International Exhibition of women artists; Germany
2002 Solo exhibition “Streets & Ger” Korea
2003 Group exhibition “The Best artworks of the year”, Art gallery of the UMA
2003 Solo exhibition “Busy place”, Art gallery of the UMA
2004 Group exhibition “Mongolia &Tamna”, Sympathetic exhibition of continent and
island, Culture and Art center, Jeju, Korea
Joint exhibition “Mongolian Highlights” Vilnius, Lithuania
2005 “The exchange exhibition between Jeju & Mongolia”, Art gallery of the UMA
2005 Mongolian exhibition “Colors of Mongolia”, Sofia, Bulgaria
2005 Joint exhibition “The ima Art Exhibition Japan and Mongolia”, UMA
2006 Transitory Operation , $UW*DOOHURIWKH80$
2006 Land Art 0RQJROLD, Gobi Desert / Art *allery of the UMA
2006 best artworks of the year Art gallery of the UMA
2007 Solo exhibition Art gallery of the UMA
2008 Kerava Art Museum. Kervara, Finland
2009 Galerie Borchert und Schiemenz (SOLO) Berlin
A.I.R. Yaatoo Biennele, Gongju Korea
Kaiserdamm, Galerie Ulf Wetzka, Berlin
2010 Bare House Project, Pori Art Museum Finland
2015 Ghetto Biennial, Port au Prince Haiti
Holzwege, Meinblau Berlin
2016 Azerbaijan meets Mongolia, Galerie Berlin Baku, Berlin
2017 Folkestone Triennial, England

1998 Bronze medal from the “Youth of year” National Festival.
2001 Best Painting of the year, Valiand Art, Mongolia


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  • ドルゴル・セル-オド ARTWORKS
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  • ドルゴル・セル-オド ARTWORKS