上田 佳奈

Kana Ueda




Born in Hyogo, Japan. Graduated from Central Saint Martins, Fashion Design Womenswear.
Currently creating works which cross the interface of textiles, printmaking, photography and performances.

Does the world exist the same way as we sense it?
Moreover, can we be sure of our own existence?
To confirm the uncertainty of our very existence and every possible phenomenon, I first begin by marking the “trace” of contact between the world and my body.
From the gaps, distortions and the indefinite elements that emerge from these dialogues, I aim to carefully unravel and explore our world of uncertainty.


2017「LIGHT Wave」iTohen Gallery Books Coffee、大阪、日本
2017「亀山トリエンナーレ」 三重
2016「写真は版画のようなものだと気付いた展」iTohen Gallery Books Coffee、大阪、日本
2016「Spring Exhibition」 AIDA Gallery、大阪、日本
2016「AU展」 兵庫県立美術館、日本
2016「おんさ 9」 Galerie 6c、兵庫、日本
2015「池袋アートギャザリング」 池袋西口公園、東京、日本
2015「フラッグアート展」 岐阜、日本 (優秀賞 受賞)
2015「おんさ 8」 Sewing Gallery、大阪、日本
2014「おんさ 7」 Blackbird Whitebird Gallery、京都、日本


2017 “LIGHT Wave”, iTohen Gallery Books Coffee, Osaka, Japan
2017 “Kameyama Triennale”, Mie, Japan
2016 “Realizing Photography as a kind of Lithography”, iTohen Gallery Books Coffee, Osaka, Japan
2016 “Spring Exhibition” AIDA Gallery, Osaka, Japan
2016 “AU Exhibition”, Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art, Japan
2016 “Onsa 9”, Galerie 6c, Hyogo, Japan
2015 “Ikebukuro Art Gathering”, Ikebukuro West Gate Park, Tokyo, Japan
2015 “Flag Art Exhibition”, Gifu, Japan (Received Award of Excellence)
2015 “Onsa 8”, Sewing Gallery, Osaka, Japan
2014 “Onsa 7”, Blackbird Whitebird Gallery, Kyoto, Japan
2014 “Chiyoda Geijyutsu-sai”, Arts Chiyoda 3331, Tokyo, Japan


  • 上田 佳奈 ARTWORKS
  • 上田 佳奈 ARTWORKS
  • 上田 佳奈 ARTWORKS
  • 上田 佳奈 ARTWORKS
  • 上田 佳奈 ARTWORKS