Maya Cohen Levy

<イスラエル 国際交流企画展>に参加。

The leaf-like brush strokes were transformed from sumi-e paintings, into peeled photographs. This is a process of constant change of the image, involving mystery and discovery. Peeling the thin emulsion surface of the photograph with a knife reveals the white paper underneath. The leaf-like cuts play with the black and white shade and light in the photograph and create a new rhythmic movement and a new order within a given landscape. It is a process of destruction and creation that takes place simultaneously. It is a transverse process to painting. The whiteness is exposed so the absent becomes present.


Born in Tel Aviv, 1955
Studied Art in Calisher school of Art in Tel Aviv and Philosophy in Tel Aviv
Studied Calligraphy and Sumi-e in China and Japan
Lives and works in Tel Aviv

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2014 – “Tracks and Shadows”, Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv (catalogue)
2013 – “My Heart is in the East”, Wilfred Museum, Hazorea (catalogue)
2012 “Sights”, Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv
2011 “Angel in Venice”, Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv
2009 “Sedek” (Crack), Artists Studios, Tel Aviv
Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv
“Twilight: Urban Landscapes, Tel Aviv,” The Genia Schreiber
University Art
Gallery, Tel Aviv University
2008 “Beneath the Surface,” December Gallery, Berlin
2006 “Slits,” HaTzuk Gallery, Netanya
2005 “Towers,” Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art
2004 “Poles, Towers, Bridges,” Alon Segev Gallery, Tel Aviv
2003 “Looking Through the Shadows,” Villa Waldberta, Munich
2002 “Islamic Ornaments, Trees and One Additional Work,” Alon Segev
Tel Aviv
2000 “Pools,” Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Selected Group Exhibitions
2010 “Drawing Biennale”, The Jerusalem Artists House,
2010 “Matrika”, Kuperman museun
2008 “Van Gogh in Tel Aviv,” Rubin Museum, Tel Aviv
“Compassion and Rage,” Minshar Gallery, Tel Aviv
“Souvenirs,” University Art Gallery, Ben-Gurion
University of the Negev,
“Rare Medium,” Center for Contemporary Art, Tel
2009 “Tel Aviv Time,” Tel Aviv Museum of Art
2007 “CT Fish,” Ha’Kibbutz Israeli Art Gallery, Tel Aviv
“Moods and Modes in Israeli Photography,” Tel Aviv
Museum of Art
2006 “Double Exposure: Middle Eastern Rooftops,” Makor
Gallery, New York;
“Disengagement,” Tel Aviv Museum of Art
“Recipients of the Culture and Education Ministry
Award,” The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
2005 “On the Banks of the Yarkon,” Tel Aviv Museum of
“Little Red Riding Hood,” Dot Fifty One Gallery,
Miami, Florida
“10 Jahre Atelierhaus,” Sektor Panzerhalle, Berlin
2004 “The 1980s in Israeli Art,” Oranim Academic College
Gallery, Kiryat Tivon


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  • マヤ・コーヘン・レヴィ ARTWORKS