マスミ・サイトウ + ガイ・ウィグモア

Masumi Saito + Guy Wigmore
マスミ・サイトウ + ガイ・ウィグモア
出身地 : 群馬(マスミ)、イギリス(ガイ)
活動地 : イギリス

マスミ サイトウ



Masumi Saito
I am a Japanese movement artist based in London. I have carved a unique path and developed my understanding of physical expression and belief in movement as a form of art. Since becoming a mother in 2014, my medium has shifted from live performance to film work. My identity as a woman, wife, mum, immigrant, and artist merges in my work. My practice is an outlet for expressing those struggles and inquiries. I am interested in exploring the embodied relationship to the immediate surroundings and inner being.

Guy Wigmore
I am a filmmaker who produces videos for clients in music and the arts. Specialising in capturing performance and process, I am interested in the details and stories often overlooked. I have worked frequently with arts organisations and orchestras in the UK and overseas.

Together, we make a series of film works. A simple set of rules and a consistent style are visible in our work. Movements are often improvised, and we keep the elements spontaneous. This approach allows us to capture the moment we live authentically and vividly. These limitations widen the vocabulary and expand the possibilities of what movement can communicate through the screen.



2015〜現在 ムーブメント・ダイアリープロジェクト
2022 “ポストカード” Cinedans FEST ’22 アムステルダム 上映
2019 “ポストカード” プロジェクト
2017 Fiver Festival, スペイン 映像作品上映
2017 第6回中之条ビエンナーレ 作品展示
2016 “Sentry-Station Crucial” Flatland Dance Festival アメリカ、公式セレクション
2016 ムーブメント・ダイアリー, Walk on the Sea, 53ARTMUSEUM 中国
2013 “Sacre/illege” メキシコ、アメリカ、アルゼンチン、フランスにて上映
2013 “WATASHI”  ロシア、ロンドン、フランスにて上映

Masumi and Guy

2015- Ongoing Movement Diary Project
2022 Postcards at Cinedans FEST ’22 , Eye Filmmuseum, Amsterdam
2019 Postcards Project
2017 Fiver Festival, Spain
2017 Movement Diary installation at 6th Nakanojo Biennale
2016 Sentry-Station Crucial, Official Selection at Flatland Dance Festival, IL, USA
2016 Movement Diary, Walk on the Sea, 53ARTMUSEUM, China
2013 Sacre/illege – Collaborative dance film project with international film-makers
Screened at:Agite y Sirva Festival-Puebla, Mexico; American Dance Festival July, Cordoba, Argentina; International Festival of Videodance de Bourgogne
2013 WATASHI – Video collection screened at Now&After, Russia.
Pattern Power, London.
International video Dance Festival Burgundy