四方 謙一

Kenichi Shikata



He mainly creates three-dimensional works and photographs using patterns composed of simple geometry and characteristics of materials. He has worked on a number of outdoor exhibitions in parks and harbors, as well as permanent installations such as public art. His works are completed when the patterns and materials, which make up the work, interact with their location and an expression appears. By building a relationship between the artwork and its location, he aims to make his work become a device that creates a new landscape.


2007 早稲田大学芸術学校建築設計科卒業
2004〜 野老朝雄氏に師事
1983 京都生まれ

2020 常設「Flowing time reflecting on the river」(RAYARD MIYASHITA PARK・東京)
2020 個展「transition」(六本木蔦屋書店・東京)
2020 「Aesthtetica Art Prize」 “shortlisted”(York Art Gallery・UK York)
2019 個展「景色を泳ぐ光」(PARADISE AIR “MATSUDO AWARD #00″ ・松戸)
2019 「第28回 UBEビエンナーレ」 “山口銀行賞” (彫刻の丘・宇部)
2019 常設「waft eyes」(THE FINE TOWER UMEDA・大阪)
2019 個展「Symbiosis」(HAGISO・東京)
2018 常設「bubbles in flow」「soragiwa」(関西国際空港・大阪)
2018 「第14回大分アジア彫刻展」“豊後大野賞”(朝倉文夫記念館大分 豊後大野)
2018 常設「GLOWING GROWING GROUND」(大阪国際空港・大阪)
2017 「SPIRITED AWAY」(加力畫廊InART Space・Taiwan)
2017 個展「Ray」(西武渋谷・東京)
2017 常設「starry sky view」(旭町診療所・千葉)
2017 個展「Adaptation」(いりや画廊・東京)
2016 「第14回大分アジア彫刻展」“優秀賞”(朝倉文夫記念館大分 豊後大野)
2016 個展「vortexes wall」(MITSUBA SPACE・東京)
2015 「第2回野外彫刻プロジェクト SiTE 2015(松戸21世紀の森と広場・千葉)
2015 「EAST-WEST ART AWARD 2015」 “Grand Prize”(London)
2015 個展「First Solo Exhibition」(いりや画廊・東京)
2014 「第13回 KAJIMA 彫刻コンクール」 “銀賞” (鹿島KIビル・東京)
2013 「第1回 ASIA AWARDS The Young Asia」(明治神宮外苑TDW2013・東京)
2013 「神戸ビエンナーレ しつらいアート国際展」(神戸)
2013 「神戸ビエンナーレ2013 しつらいアート国際展」“準大賞”(神戸)


2007 Graduated Art and Architecture School of Waseda University.
2004- Assists Asao Tokolo.
1983 Born in Kyoto.

Selected Works, Exhibition, Award
2020 “Flowing time reflecting on the river” (RAYARD MIYASHITA PARK / Shibuya Tokyo) *Permanent work
2020 Solo exhibition “transition” (Roppongi TSUTAYA BOOK GALLERY / Roppomgi Tokyo)
2020 “Aesthetica Art Prize2020” shortlist (York Art Gallery / UK York)
2020 Solo exhibition “swimming in the view” (PARADISE AIR “MATSUDO AWARD #00” / Matsudo)
2019 ”28th UBE Biennale” Yamaguchi Bank Prize (Sculpture Hill in Tokiwa Park / Ube)
2019 “waft eyes” (THE FINE TOWER UMEDA / Osaka) *Permanent work
2019 Solo exhibition -Symbiosis- (HAGISO / Tokyo)
2019 “bubbles in flow” “soragiwa” (Kansai International Airport / Osaka) *Permanent work
2018 ”14th Oita Asian Sculpture Exhibition/“Bungo-Ono Award” (Fumio Asakura Museum of Sculpture / Bungo-Ono)
2018 “GLOWING GROWING GROUND” (Osaka International Airport / Osaka) *Permanent work
2017 SPIRITED AWAY (加力畫廊 InART Space / Taiwan)
2017 Solo exhibition “Ray” (SEIBU Shibuya / Tokyo)
2017 “starry sky view” (Asahicho Clinic / Chiba) *Permanent work
2017 Solo exhibition “Adaptation” (Iriya Gallery / Tokyo)
2016 13th Oita Asian Sculpture Exhibition “Award for Excellence” (Fumio Asakura Museum of Sculpture / Bungo-Ono)
2016 Solo exhibition “vortexes wall” (MITSUBA SPACE / Tokyo)
2015 “The 2nd sculpture project SiTE 2015” (21st century forest park / Matsudo)
2015 “EAST-WEST ART AWARD 2015” Grand Prize (London)
2015 Solo exhibition “First solo exhibition” (Iriya Gallery / Tokyo)
2014 “The 13th KAJIMA sculpture competition” Silver Award (KI bldg. atrium / Tokyo)
2013 “The 1st ASIA AWARDS The Young Asia” (Meiji-jingu Gaien / Tokyo)
2013 “KOBE Biennale 2013 SHITSURAI ART” (Kobe)
2013 “KOBE Biennale 2013 Art in a Container” Second Prize (Kobe)