カリン・ピサリコヴァ + マルティン・オンダラチェック

Karin Pisarikova + Martin Ondracek

Born in Brno, Czech Republic. Lives and works in Tokyo, Japan.

Karin Pisarikova is a Czech artist currently living in Japan. She graduated from Body design department, Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno, Czech Republic and from the doctoral program at Tama Art University, Tokyo.
Her practice is largely concerned with the physical and psychological side of the body and the blurring between art and life. The process of connecting to people and creating a dialog is part of the creation and often more important than the final result. Her works are often questioning reality in an ironic or humorous way.
She works with various mediums – video, installation, performance and active participation of the spectator and feels inspired by site-specific projects and collaboration.
In her installations, she often uses materials related to the body, for example human hair. She has been fascinated by it for its rituality and ambiguity.
Karin Pisarikova has exhibited in Japan, Italy, Argentine, USA and the Czech Republic and has been awarded residencies and has received support from a number of funding bodies including the Czech Ministry of Education and Czech Cultural centre, Tokyo. In 2008 she founded Umakart gallery promoting non-profitable art and media such as performance and video art.


Selected solo exhibitions
2016 Still Life, Czech Center Tokyo
2016 Mokuteki, Vision’s Gallery, Tokyo
2015 Going Home, Toki Art Space, Tokyo
2012 Hollyhome, Zero Hachi gallery, Tokyo
2010 She said she liked the ocean…, Yoshihara Jiro Art Project, Osaka contemporary Art Center
2009 Aftershave, Vision’s art gallery, Tokyo
2009 OXOX, Omotesando Galleria, Nagano (Artist In Residence Zenkouji)
2008 Black sea, brown pearls, Vision’s gallery, Tokyo
2008 The House, Umakart gallery, Brno

Selected awards and residencies:
Resonances, JRC of European Union, Ispra, Italy
Watarase Art Project 2014, Ashio, Japan
GuestRoomMaribor / 2013, Maribor, Slovenia
Kaywon School of Art & Design, Seoul, Korea
Jiro Joshiwara Award 2010, Osaka Contemporary Art Center, Japan
Zenkouji Artist in Residence, Japan
Monbukagakusho Mext – Japanese government scholarship


  • カリン・ピサリコヴァ  + マルティン・オンダラチェック ARTWORKS
  • カリン・ピサリコヴァ  + マルティン・オンダラチェック ARTWORKS
  • カリン・ピサリコヴァ  + マルティン・オンダラチェック ARTWORKS
  • カリン・ピサリコヴァ  + マルティン・オンダラチェック ARTWORKS
  • カリン・ピサリコヴァ  + マルティン・オンダラチェック ARTWORKS