Ji Seon Kim
出身地・活動地:韓国/Republic of Korea(South Korea)

A continual feature of my work has been my concern with space in my paintings, and I am currently interested in playing with colour. I have recently been using a more complex palette. Expanding and challenging the use of my colour palettes in my painting has allowed me to explore more curious and interesting visual spaces. It has also helped me open up new possibilities beyond image, as well as to transport the viewer to a different kind of space that feels both ordinary and unfamiliar- I would like to call this visual space, “Wonder-space”.
The structure of the space in my works is a combination of fragments and impressions of my personal memories and imagination. The collected sources from mixing with the fragments and impression from my imagination and my memories are converted into abstract elements for landscape. Then my boundary-dissolving imagination steps in to create a new space. The result, ‘The Wonder-space provides viewers internal peace and aesthetic pleasure from witnessing a gap between boundaries.
In terms of the process, I take the process of ‘layering and erasing’ various images based on my visual experiences (images and sounds which I collected). Through this process, the coexistence of abstract elements and photo-realistic landscape elements in one screen cannot be an open space that the viewers can easily come out when they get in.
I have recently experimented on a large work that cannot see the screen at a glance. The process that starts anywhere on the screen without a sketch, the unplanned composition is called ‘interview with the canvas’, and the images contain my impressions that keep changing in memory. I have also been interested in the relation between installation and painting. The flat paintings are given new sizes and masses in combination with the space in which they are installed. I will do more various experiments on the relation between flatness and installation.


2012 Slade School of Fine Art UCL, London, UK (MFA Painting)
2010 Slade School of Fine Art UCL, London, UK (BA Painting)


<Solo Exhibition>
2018   ‘Repeating, Rhythm, Difference’, Deagu Art Factory, Korea
2017   ‘Familiar, But Unfamiliar’, UM Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2016    ‘The Temperature of Unknown Place’, Cheongju Art Centre, Korea
2014   ‘The Lazy Pleasure in the Landscape’, Gallery DOS, Seoul, Korea

<Selected Group Exhibition>
2018  ‘Cold Frame’, Shinhan Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2018   ‘Eye Movement’, SeMA Storage, Seoul, Korea
2018   ‘Book and Landscapes’ Cheong Ju National Museum of Art, Korea
2018   ‘+, -, ±(Plus, Minus, Zero)’, Shinhan Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2017   ‘Recalling Another Memory’, Yamakiwa Gallery, Niigata, Japan
2017   ‘Nakanojo Biennale 2017’, Nakanojo, Japan
2014   ‘Common Centre Opening Exhibition- Today’s Salon, Common Centre, Seoul, Korea
2013   ‘Homo Utopicus’, HADA Contemporary, London, UK
2013   ‘Lee Jinhan & Kim Ji Seon’, HADA Contemporary, London, UK
2013   ‘The Space of Difference Part 1’, Chosun Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2018- 2019 Selected Artist, Songeun Art Cube
2018 Shinhan Young Artist Festa
2018 Grant from Seoul Foundation for arts and Culture
2018  Jeju IAa Residency Jeju, Korea
2017  Yamakiwa Gallery, Niigata, Japan
2017 Daegu Art Factory Residency, Daegu, South Kora
2015 – 2016   Cheongju Art Residency, Cheong-Ju, South Korea
Public Collection: Jinju District Court, JinJu, South Korea


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