内山 依津花

Itsuka Uchiyama
内山 依津花


線は草木が枝を這わせるように永遠と伸び続け 点は水の波紋のように広がった
ある時 支持体を半透明から透明へ そして土や草木の色を用いて描くようになると
それは水に濡れ 風に吹かれて揺れだし この世界に溶け込んだ
絵画とその場の現象が 人の動きと声が
そこには美しい風景画 人物画 捉えどころのない抽象画さえ現れる
絵画はどこにいてもいいし 移動をし 変化する
人に出会い 人はそこで何かをするだろう

そこが これからの絵画の居場所である


Do we see a painting there?
Or, do we become a painting?

Translucent materials for my artworks have become clear.
Drawing an artwork, I become a part of it.
Lines never cease to extend as though plants and trees grow their branches, whereas dots continue rippling.
Materials become clear, falling onto a boundary and seeping through it.
Drawing and surrounded by nature, a painting is sprinkled, and swung by a breeze, and the boundary has disappeared.
Drawings become the surroundings:
movement of people; their voices; or anything perceivable there
at the instant when a beautiful scene, a portrait, and an evasive, abstract painting come up.
Paintings, wherever they are, move and change,
meeting people and doing something at a place
where the arts ourselves are destined to be.


2012 沖縄県立芸術大学美術工芸学部美術学科絵画専攻油画 卒業


2022 遊びの庭 / VIENTO ARTS GALLERY (群馬)
2019 Play Garden / 旧豚小屋ギャラリー Butte(鳥取)
2018 各月1回開催「OPEN ATELIER」 / 自宅兼アトリエ(鳥取)
2016 巡回展 Traveling Exhibition – それはもうこなごなの粒子になって気流にのって飛んでいってしまった / 旧観光案内所小屋内(鳥取),VENTD’ EST 理容室ビル2階(静岡),ナハウス屋上(沖縄)
2011 cuticula / Espace creation de Uehara(沖縄)


2021 中之条ビエンナーレ2021(群馬)
2016 WONDER SEEDS 2016 / ワンダーサイト渋谷(東京)
2016 Dream of Butterfly Exhibition & Auction / 鴨江アートセンター(静岡)
2014 内山依津花 × 七海愛 二人展 / bar & gallery 土 , gallery Apartments(沖縄)
2014 反戦 来るべき戦争に抗うために 展 / SNOW Contemporary(東京)


2012 B.F.A Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts, Oil Painting Course, Painting Major

Solo Exhibition

2022 Play Garden / VIENTO ARTS GALLERY(Gunma)
2019 Play Garden / Old pig hut gallery Butte(Tottori/Japan)
2018 OPEN ATELIER / Home and Atelier (Tottori/Japan)
2016 Traveling Exhibition“It has already become particles and flew on the airflow”/ Old Tourist information center(Tottori), VENTD’ST Barber building 2nd floor(Shizuoka), NAHOUSE rooftop(Okinawa) / Japan
2011 cuticle / Espace creation de Uehara (Okinawa/Japan)

Groupe Exhibition

2021 Nakanojo Biennale 2021 / Choei Hidden Place “Yumoto-ke”(Gunma/Japan)
2016 WONDER SEEDS 2016 / Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya (Tokyo/Japan)
2016 Dream of Butterfly Exhibition & Auction / Kamoe Art Center (Shizuoka/Japan)
2014 Exhibition of two artists “Itsuka Uchiyama × Chica Nanami” / bar & gallery 土, gallery Apartments (Okinawa/Japan)
2014 Anti-War: Resistance against the Anticipated War / Snow Contemporary (Tokyo/Japan)