Interactive art viewing Lab


Yoshiyuki Ito.Harumi Takahashi.Midori Hakoda.Hiroyuki Sakai.Hiroyuki Tozuka.Hiroaki Matsushima.





In the fall of 2017, a small group was formed to learn the facilitation of interactive appreciation for the parent-child appreciation event of the Nakanojo Biennale. That is the “Interactive Art Appreciation Lab”. Members have different ages, experiences, and jobs. Anyway, fascinated by the fun and possibilities of interactive appreciation, those who wanted to study more gathered to seek a place to learn.

The interactive appreciation event we hold may have the catchphrase “catalose”. Is this a tradition since the start of activities in 2017? It is. It seems that it comes from the pun of “Let’s talk!”, But the origin of the name is not clear. Somehow Latin? There is a theory that he liked the sound of the words, and there is a theory that the name was inspired by the sound of Gunma’s famous “Karakaze”.




After the Nakanojo Biennale event in 2017, each of us has gained experience at each site and participated in interactive appreciation events such as the Gunma Museum of Art, Tatebayashi and Takasaki Museum of Art as facilitators and coordinators. In addition, we are gradually expanding the range of activities, such as holding study sessions about once a month and planning small events jointly with other appreciation circles.