齊藤 寛之

Hiroyuki Saito
齊藤 寛之




My work is based on”cycles”, “floating” and “diversity”.
Something that repeats the same action but changes in some way.
Un unstable object with a small contact to the surface.
The change of value that occurs when an existing object are altered.
These subjects are transformed into sculptures.

Furthermore Cultural events that recur in the course of time
Natural disasters, human accidents.
By reconciling personal experiences with subsequent social changes
I try to capture “the movements of the world and the fluctuations of the spirit”.
into my work.


1973 東京都生まれ
2000 東京藝術大学大学院美術研究科彫刻専攻修了
1998 東京藝術大学美術学部彫刻科卒業

Solo Exhibitions
2018 「齊藤寛之 個展」NARAYA CAFE ギャラリー/神奈川
2018 「齊藤寛之 個展」ギャラリーNEW新九郎/神奈川
2017 「齊藤寛之 個展」Gallery Gigi/神奈川
2016 「齊藤寛之 個展」TOHO BEADS STYLE Tokyo Gallery t/東京
2014 「齊藤寛之 個展」鴫立庵・ギャラリーさざれ石/神奈川
2013 「CYCLE HEADS」 Gallery Gigi/神奈川
2008 「齊藤寛之 個展」ギャラリー巷房2+階段下/東京
1999 「齊藤寛之 個展」フタバ画廊/東京

Group Exhibitions
2020 「第15回大分アジア彫刻展」朝倉文夫記念館/大分
2020 「My Sculpture」Gallery Gigi/神奈川
2019  「循環と継承 30年目の彫刻展」後藤久慶ギャラリー/神奈川
2019 「TAGBOAT AWARD 14th」IID 世田谷ものづくり学校/東京
2017 「中之条ビエンナーレ2017」中之条/群馬
2016 「池袋アートギャザリング」メトロポリタンホテル1Fロビー/東京
2015 「夏の支度 見立て七夕展」後藤久慶ギャラリー/鎌倉
2015 「池袋アートギャザリング」東京芸術劇場/東京
2015 「16th Spiral Independent Creators Festival」スパイラル/東京
2015 「第3回つくる展」茅ヶ崎市美術館/神奈川
2014 「富士の山ビエンナーレ2014」富士市/静岡
2013 「中之条ビエンナーレ2013」中之条/群馬
2012 「とある雑食美術愛好家T氏コレクションより」東京都美術館/東京
2008 「第11回 岡本太郎現代芸術賞展」岡本太郎美術館/東京

2020 第15回大分アジア彫刻展
2015 16th Spiral Independent Creators Festival
2008 第11回岡本太郎現代芸術賞展

2020 第15回大分アジア彫刻展/優秀賞


1973 Born in Tokyo Japan
2000 M.A. in Sculpture, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music
1998 B.A. in Sculpture, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music

Solo Exhibitions
2018 ”Hiroyuki Saito Solo Exhibition” NARAYA CAFE Gallery/Kanagawa
2018 ”Hiroyuki Saito Solo Exhibition” Gallery NEW Shinkuro/Kanagawa
2017 ”Hiroyuki Saito Solo Exhibition” Gallery Gigi/Kanagawa
2016 ”Hiroyuki Saito Solo Exhibition” TOHO BEADS STYLE Tokyo Gallery t/Tokyo
2014 ”Hiroyuki Saito Solo Exhibition” Shigitatsuan・Gallery Sazareishi/Kanagawa
2013 ”CYCLE HEADS” Gallery Gigi/Kanagawa
2008 ”Hiroyuki Saito Solo Exhibition” Gallery Kobo2+Kaidanshita/Tokyo
1999 ”Hiroyuki Saito Solo Exhibition” Futaba Gallery/Tokyo

Group Exhibitions
2020 ”The 15th Oita Asian Sculpture Exhibition” Fumio Asakura Cultural Hall/Oita
2020 ”My Sculpture” Gallery Gigi/Kanagawa
2019 ”Circulation and Succession” Goto Kyukei Gallery/Kanagawa
2019 ”TAGBOAT AWARD 14th”Ikejiri Institute of Design/Tokyo
2017 ”NAKANOJO BIENNALE 2017″ Nakanojo/Gunma
2016 ”Ikebukuro Art Gathering” Metropolitan Hotel lobby/Tokyo
2015 ”Preparation of summer Mitate Tanabata” Goto Kyukei Gallery/Kanagawa
2015 ”Ikebukuro Art Gathering” Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre/Tokyo
2015 ”16th Spiral Independent Creators Festival” Spiral/Tokyo
2015 ”The 3th Exhibition of work” Chigasaki Art Museum/Kanagawa
2014 ”FUJINOYAMA BIENNALE 2014″Fuji/Shizuoka
2013 ”NAKANOJO BIENNALE 2013″ Nakanojo/Gunma
2012 ”From Mr. T’s collection who is omnivorous art lover” Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum/Tokyo
2008 ”The 11th Exhibition of the Taro Okamoto Award for Contemporary Art” Taro Okamoto Museum of Art/Kanagawa

2020 The 15th Oita Asian Sculpture Exhibition
2019 The 16th TAGBOAT AWARD
2015 Nominated for 16th Spiral Independent Creators Festival
2008 The 11th Exhibition of the Taro Okamoto Award for Contemporary Art

2020 The 15th Oita Asian Sculpture Exhibition/Prize for Excellence