Galina Yotova Vasileva

<ブリガリア 国際交流企画展>に参加。


“The calendar of our life is possible only through images.” – Gaston Bachelard

What defines my life is the image created after the intervention of several lenses and light. Between these elements there is always someone who pulls the camera’s trigger. That someone is always looking for their self.

I am a professional photographer.

I’ve never had a diary, but now I decided to keep a journal of images of my days taken with a compact camera. There are days that are silent, without a shape. Others are terribly talkative. It’s (photo) diary, which I have called “Notes from yesterday.” There is no editing. This diary is provoked by “The Pillow Book” of Sei Shōnagon. It is also inspired by Wim Wenders’ hero with the camera on his back from “Lisbon Story”, as well by the pure formality and visual manifestation of Russian filmmaker Dziga Vertov, who said: “The death of cinematography is necessary for the life of cinema.”


Replace “cinematography” with photography and say: Death of photography is necessary for the life of art.



Born on 18.10.1963 in Dobrich, Bulgaria

In 1983 graduated high school of photography in Sofia.

In 1999 gratuated University “Sv. Kliment Ohridski”, Sofia, speciality – philosophy.



2009 – Silver medal FIAP + diplom (monochrome photography) of the Third International Salon Varna, Bulgaria

2008 – Honorable mention of the Fifth International Exhibition Bangkok, Thailand

2008 – Gold medal FIAP + diplom (color photography) of the Second International Salon Varna, Bulgaria

Exhibitions, festivals, performances and happenings

2016  – “Habitat” – mixed exhibition at Gallery for photography Synthesis, Sofia

2015 – „Fortress” –  mixed exhibition at SAMCA – Sofia Arsenal – Museum for Contemporary Art

2015 – “… and I saw Terezin” – photo installation in Bulgarian cultural institute in Prague, Czech republic

2015 – “The left eye” – mixed photo exhibition at Roca ExpoBath Sofia

2015 – SET UP art fair, Bologna, Italia

2014 – “New nuances of contemporary art” – mixed exhibition, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

2014 – „Weight” – photo installation in Arosita Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

2013 – „Up – Down” – – photo installation in Bulgarian Cultural Institute, London, part of presentation Art Festival “Water tower”

2012 – „Abandoned, Seduced” – photo installation in Art Festival “ Water tower”, Sofia

2011 – “Re-production” – mixed exhibition at SAMCA – Sofia Arsenal-Museum for Contemporary Art

2011 – “Sofia stories in motion” – a book – album, published by “Scalino”

2010 – “4×3+1” – solo exhibition at “The Fridge”, Sofia

2008 – “Identities” – mixed exhibition at “Shipka 6”, Sofia

2003 – “Shadows” – Bulgarian Cultural Institute Warsaw, Poland

2002 – International Photographic Encountres, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

2002 – International Festival of Contemporary Art “ Process-Space” Balchik, Bulgaria

2001 – Exhibition of Section 13 – “Shipka 6”, Sofia

1999 –  Exhibition “On the roof” Sofia, Bulgaria

1999 – Exhibition in Leipzig, Germany

1994 – Exhibition “N forms” of the Soros Foundation – Sofia, Bulgaria

1989 – National Exhibition “11.11.” Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

The photographer of the magazine “One week in Sofia” from 2005 to 2012. Have many publication in the journals, magazines, in “Capital Light”, newspaper “Culture”, in,,   


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