France/UK/India (born Channel Islands)
Lives and works in Berlin and London

Working across mediums, my practice evolves through an intuitive process through each new work. My locus of concern revolves around the body as a presence in constant flux. Through it I explore embodied responses to different environments, which include architecture and nature, social systems of language, identity and gender. A line of questioning emanating directly from the body unifies my practice and returns to the inquiry around the ‘self’ as individual or socially constructed entity where my practice occupies the zone between such notions.
My investigation begins conceptually and opens up questions that are explored through fact and fiction, inspired by research and experimentation. The edge is the place I apprehend, and allow to resonate through my works as a way to explore the critical point of change. My current investigations around alternate perceptions of time in daily life, is driven by Elizabeth Grosz’ notion of the ‘untimely’ as a way to challenge monolithic social and cultural norms. This need to investigate identity through the body is the result of a nomadic experiences, and mixed cultural heritage which connects French/Indian/British/Zimbabwean and Japanese cultures: by immersing myself in the unknown, I experience my body as other.
My practice emerges from a background in contemporary performance and has progressively moved towards interventions, installations and moving image which opens up the work to public space and unpredictable environments.


Master of Arts, Central St Martin’s London (2007)

Sasakawa Foundation Grant 2015
Lisa Ullmann Travel Scholarship Fund 2011, UK
Make A Difference Award 2011, UK
Puppet Centre Trust 2010, UK
La NEF, artist in residence, 2010, Paris, France
European Cultural Foundation award 2009
Arts Council England Grant 2008


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  • ドミニク・バロン-ボナルジー ARTWORKS