Claudio Beorchia

I am an artist fascinated and interested in the complexity of the reality that surrounds me, especially
when it is reflected in the social and environmental dynamics, showing the vulnerabilities and
contradictions of human activities. I try to give shape to these reflections by using multiple media and
languages, that I select and configure with the aim of creating works and processes the more eloquent
and significant, constantly in search of expressive synthesis, formal effectiveness and the involvement
of the observer.


Born in 1979 in Vercelli, I live and work near Venice (Italy). I studied Design and Visual Arts at
Iuav University in Venice and at the Fine Arts Academy in Milan; I obtained a Ph.D. in Design
Sciences – Department of Design and Planning of Complex Environments, at Doctorate School of
Iuav University in Venice.
My artworks has been exhibited in numerous occasions in Italy and abroad (Argentina, Armenia,China,
Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Morocco, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Uruguay). I have been artist in
residence in Italy (Turin, Sardinia, Molise, Puglia, Sicily), China, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands
and United States. Among the acknowledgments: I won the “Un’opera per il Castello” prize, for the
realization of a permanent installation in the Castle of Naples, Italy; and I won the international
sculpture prize “U. Mastroianni” for the realization of a sculpture in the square of Corio (Turin), Italy.


  • クラウディオ・ベオルキア ARTWORKS
  • クラウディオ・ベオルキア ARTWORKS
  • クラウディオ・ベオルキア ARTWORKS
  • クラウディオ・ベオルキア ARTWORKS
  • クラウディオ・ベオルキア ARTWORKS
  • クラウディオ・ベオルキア ARTWORKS