山形 敦子

Atsuko Yamagata
山形 敦子


I focus on the spontaneous movement of materials such as handmade paper and glue mixed with water and paint.
The movement of water becomes visible through materials such as adhesives, and its appearance resembles the world seen through a microscope, such as cells or microorganisms.
I am interested in the connection among organisms, the relationship with humans, and animistic thoughts, from the spontaneous creation of materials, and creating paintings and installation works based on these themes.



2022 グループ展 ”拝啓、うつり住みまして” 旧廣盛酒造、群馬県中之条町
2022 グループ展「チェンマイx中之条 国際交流展2022”FLOATING LIGHTS」 チェンマイ、タイ
2022 グループ展”OCCURRENT” ヴァルガス美術館、フィリピン
2022 ソヴリン・アジアン・アート・アワード2022 Finalist Exhibition, 香港
2022 個展“あなたの細胞 わたしの細胞” うた種・gallery studio cafe newroll, 群馬県
2022 個展“Lovable Adorable Cells” Galerie Stephanie, フィリピン
2021 個展“かわいい かわいい 細胞たち” ビエントアーツギャラリー, 群馬県
2021 個展“WONDERLAND” Underground gallery, フィリピン
2021 個展“attachment | distance” Artinformal, フィリピン
2020 個展“Do you hear it? ”Artinformal, フィリピン
2019 二人展“Transcendental” フィリピン文化センター, フィリピン
2019 中之条ビエンナーレ2019, 群馬県
2019 グループ展“The future is Female “ Taksu Singapore, シンガポール
2018 個展“Uncontrolled Artificiality” Finale Art File, フィリピン
2018 個展“Born Softly” MO_Space, フィリピン
2018 個展“Belongingness” West gallery, フィリピン
2017 個展“made roots hereーこの地に根をおろすー” JRタワーホテル日航札幌、北海道
2017 中之条ビエンナーレ2017, 群馬県
2017 個展“breathing, breeding, blowout” Artinformal, フィリピン
2017 個展“borrowed scenery” Underground gallery, フィリピン
2016 グループ展“NASI CAMPUR” TAKSU Bali, インドネシア
2015 個展“Between Place” Underground gallery, フィリピン
2015 グループ展“We saw things that others didn’t”, TAKSU Singapore, シンガポール


2022 Sovereign Asian Art Prize 2022 (香港) 入選
2013  リキテックスアートプライズ2013 オーディエンス賞


Selected Exhibitions

2022 group exhibition ”Dear sirs, I have moved in” Gunma Prefecture
2022 group exhibition  Chiang Mai, Thailand
2022 group exhibition ”OCCURRENT” Vargas Museum, Philippines
2022 Sovereign Asian Art Prize 2022 Finalist Exhibition, Hong Kong
2022 solo exhibition“Your cell and My cell” Utatane gallery / gallery studio cafe newroll, Gunma Prefecture
2022 solo exhibition“Lovable Adorable Cells” Galerie Stephanie, Philippines
2021 solo exhibition“Lovable Adorable Cells” VIENTO ARTS GALLERY, Gunma Prefecture
2021 solo exhibition“WONDERLAND” Underground gallery, Philippines
2021 solo exhibition“attachment | distance” Artinformal, Philippines
2020 solo exhibition“Do you hear it? ”Artinformal, Philippines
2019 two artists exhibition“Transcendental” Cultural Center of the Philippines, Philippines
2019 Nakanojo Biennale 2019, Gunma Prefecture
2019 group exhibition“The future is Female “ Taksu Singapore, Singapore
2018 solo exhibition“Uncontrolled Artificiality” Finale Art File, Philippines
2018 solo exhibition“Born Softly” MO_Space, Philippines
2018 solo exhibition“Belongingness” West gallery, Philippines
2017 solo exhibition“made roots here” JR Tower Hotel NIkko Sapporo, Hokkaido
2017 Nakanojo Biennale 2017
2017 solo exhibition“breathing, breeding, blowout” Artinformal, Philippines
2017 solo exhibition“borrowed scenery” Underground gallery, Philippines
2016 group exhibition“NASI CAMPUR” TAKSU Bali, Indonesia
2015 solo exhibition“Between Place” Underground gallery, Philippines
2015 group exhibition“We saw things that others didn’t”, TAKSU Singapore, Singapore


2022 Sovereign Asian Art Prize 2022 (Hong Kong) finalist
2013  Liquitex Art Prize 2013 Audience Prize