Arthur Huang



日常の中に新しい自分の発見に期待して、日常の生活に注意を払っています。私達はいつも日頃の生活の上下にのみ注意を払っていますが、日常のありふれた行動に時間を多く費やします。日常のありふれた行動を見直す事によって物 事に対して新たな視点を持つ事が出来るのです。」


“My work focuses on the everyday whether it is waiting for a train, sitting on a bus, walking, eating, sleeping, or grocery shopping. These are activities that we all do but do not always think about afterwards. Sometimes I make lists. Sometimes I take photographs. Since 2012, I have been making memory maps of my daily walks on a variety of medium to explore everyday memories of mundane activities. Since 2015, I have been making automatic-like drawings during my daily commutes. My current work uses these drawings to explore the relationship between my everyday life and my unconscious memories. We spend much of our time reflecting on the ups and downs of life, but most of our time is spent occupied with these common everyday activities. Exploring the everyday is an opportunity for me to discover a different perspective on our lives as human beings in this contemporary world.”


1999 – 2001
ロードアイランドデザイン学校,絵画・版画専攻, 美術修士号取得,ロードアイランド州,アメリカ
1990 – 1994

M.F.A. with Honors in Painting/Printmaking
Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI
B.A. with Honors in Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA


「Fundamental Complications」Root Division (サンフランシスコ,カリフォルニア)
「美術館までつづく道」茅ヶ崎市美術館 (茅ヶ崎)
「Look At Me Hungry」Berkeley Art Center (バークレー,カリフォルニア)
「In the Details」ギャラリー ルデコ (東京)

「Turning the Page: Manchester – Yokohama」Paper Gallery (マンチェスター, イギリス)
「Reading Between The Lines: Artist Books From Tokyo and St. Helens」Launch Pad Gallery (横浜)
「Art Fair Asia Fukuoka Awards 2018」ホテルオークラ福岡 (福岡)
「10th Anniversary」ジルダールギャラリー (名古屋)
「ギャラリーへ行こう2018」数寄和 (東京)
「Future Sound + Future Vision」Launch Pad Gallery (横浜)

「Endless Dialogue」hasu no hana (東京)
「恋せよ乙女!パープルーム大学と梅津庸ー」ワタリウム美術館 (東京)
「New Face!」ジルダールギャラリー (名古屋)
「Surface(s)」西町アーティストスペース (東京)
「アート名古屋」ウェスティンナゴヤキャッスル (名古屋))

「Brain Scienceから発信するArt」世田谷ものづくり学校 (東京)
「脳科学ブックフェア&脳科学アート」代官山蔦屋 (東京)

「麴町ラブスアーツ」麴町コレクション (東京)
「東京アートクロッシングベルリン: アーティストブックプログラム」neurotitanギャラリー, Mottoベルリン (ベルリン)
「2014フェローシップ アーティスト」秋吉台芸術村ギャラリー(山口県)


Fundamental Complications, Root Division, San Francisco, California
Nakanojo Biennale 2019, Former Sawada Elementary School, Nakanojo, Japan
The Road to the Museum, Chigasaki City Museum of Art, Chigasaki, Japan
Look At Me Hungry, Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley, California
In the Details, Gallery LeDeco, Tokyo, Japan

Turning the Page: Manchester – Yokohama, Paper Gallery, Manchester, United Kingdom
Reading Between The Lines: Artist Books From Tokyo and St. Helens, Launch Pad Gallery, Yokohama, Japan
Art Fair Asia Fukuoka Awards 2018, Hotel Okura Fukuoka, Fukuoka, Japan
10th Anniversary, Jill d’Art Gallery, Nagoya, Japan
Let’s Go To The Gallery 2018, Sukiwa Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
Future Sound + Future Vision, Launch Pad Gallery, Yokohama, Japan

Nakanojo Biennale 2017, Sawatari Gallery, Nakanojo, Japan
Endless Dialogue, hasu no hana, Tokyo, Japan
Parplume University and Yoichi Umetsu, Watari Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, Japan
New Face! Jill d’Art Gallery, Nagoya, Japan
Surface(s), Nishimachi Artist Space, Tokyo, Japan
Art Nagoya 2017, Westin Nagoya Castle, Nagoya, Japan

Art Inspired by Neuroscience, Setagaya Monozukuri School, Tokyo, Japan
Neuroscience Art and Book Fair, Daikanyama Tsutaya, Tokyo, Japan

Kojimachi Loves Arts, Kojimachi Collection, Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo Art Crossing Berlin Artists’ Book Program, neurotitan gallery and Motto Berlin, Berlin, Germany
2014 AIAV Fellowship Artists Exhibition, Akiyoshidai International Art Village Gallery, Yamaguchi, Japan


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