Anusorn Tunyapalit

<タイ 国際交流企画展>に参加。

The look and feel that makes it a natural process. Both the possibilities of the environment outside of the context of the social, cultural, and things around us that we value as important. The feeling inside is an area that is not visible. I was so interested in the change process and to link something that causes a new meaning in a way that still means old. The complex into a new experience. I was offered the job of translating the interesting things to come out as a function of the audio component. Because the media is accessible to everyone by the perception of hearing.


B.F.A., Fine Arts, Chiang Mai University

-Tran8tate II Art ExhibiOon At faculty of fine art cmu, Chiang Mai
– Art Thesis ExhibiOon at CMU.Art Center, Chiang Mai
-Shuffling Spaces ExhibiOon Gallery Seescape, Chiang Mai
-art@Rumpai LoY Habitat at Rumpai LoY Habitat, Chiang Mai
-Unexpected Art ExhibiOon at CMU.Art Center, Chiang Mai
-Hue – Visual Art ExhibiOon Trans 8 state at Then Café , hue,Vietnam
-Expand Print Art ExhibiOon at Chiang Mai Woman CorrecOonal LnsOtuOon
-Art and Democrocy ExhibiOon at pridi banomyong ,bangkok
-Dialogue the promise (Thailand-Singapore) 2013 cmrrfm,cmu Art center,curter by Ubatsat (in
collaboraOons with jennifer teo and Woon Oen wei) organize by sarajet tongchua
-Assistant Researchrr of yupha mahamart in “Art to blind prolect” , chiang mai
-Assistant ArOst of Kosit JuntaraOp work in “from wat to wat CreaOve art and CommunityProject”
curate by marakot ketklao ,chiang mai


  • アヌソーン・タンヤッパリト ARTWORKS
  • アヌソーン・タンヤッパリト ARTWORKS
  • アヌソーン・タンヤッパリト ARTWORKS
  • アヌソーン・タンヤッパリト ARTWORKS
  • アヌソーン・タンヤッパリト ARTWORKS