SEO Jeong-Bae 出身地・活動地:ソウル/韓国

My work starts with text written about a fictional character Kiki. People may find that the text is a series of very subjective pieces about what she may see and feel in her everyday life. I created Kiki and her story out of my and others’experiences in order to place my artistic practice between the real and the fictional through the fake figure and story : Kiki acts as a conceptual tool to enable that. Her story was made as an example of an individual history, a so-called biography. However, her bio is not a descriptive record of personal events and occupations; it is a ‘conceptual object’ designed to show one’s inner growth.


I was born 19 February 1974 in Seoul, Korea. I hold my BA and MA in Eastern Painting from Konkuk University and Sungshin Women’s University respectively. In 2000, I moved to France and studied Plastic Art at The University Paris 1(Pantheon-Sorbonne), where I gained my Maîtrise, DEA(equivalent Master 1,2) and Doctorate. Since 2009, I’ve been working and living in Seoul.

I had my Solo exhibitions 7 times, in Seoul, Cheongju, Korea (2017 Monday 3pm, Gallery Doll, 2016 An Articulation in Coscience, Gallery Palais de Seoul, 2014 #55 Le Dispositif de penser, Gallery Dos, 2014 The narrative documentation on idea/24hours, Cheongju Art Studio, 2011 The Silence Serious, Gallery Mui, 2009 LA rencontrer, Gallery ON, 1999 The Mysterious Wind, Gallery Kwanhoon, Seoul, Korea) and 2 times in Paris, France (2009 LA rencontrer, lagalerie, 2007 Conte en talon aiguille, Espace Tristan Bernard, Paris, France).

I participated in group exhibitions in Seoul, Cheongju, Deajeon, Korea and in France (2017 In between you and me, SRC The Ruins, 2016  Project Wumin, Wumin Art center, Document, The traces of 10years / The future of 10years, Cheongju Art Studio, 2015 Mindful Mindless, Soma Museum, 2012 Breath of the City, Daejeon Museum of Art, 2007/2005 52th/50th Salon de Montrouge, Ville de Montrouge, 2006 / 2005 Salon d’Automne, Parc Floral de Paris).

I also participated in the artistic residency program in Korea(Sincie April 2017, Résidency Art Center White Block in Heyri, 2013 Cheongju Art Studio for 6months in Cheongju).


2014 SOMA Drawing Center Award, Seoul, Korea
2007 Selected for 52th Salon de Montrouge, France
2006 Selected for Salon d’Automne 2006, France
2005 Selected for 50th Salon de Montrouge, France
2005 Selected for Salon d’Automne 2005, Franc


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