馬場 恵

Megumi Baba 埼玉



1993  創形美術学校・版画科卒業
2005 英国・ノーリッチ美術大学にて滞在制作

Through making art works, I have been expressing beautiful structures and it’s fragileness of nature. Moreover I am trying to find out a new viewpoint to nature from sharing interests and concerns with natural science, medical science and historical backgrounds. At Nakanojo biennale in 2013, I came across hidden plants specimens collected in the Edo period, I visualized their succession as historical heritage and as species of each plants. This time, I am focusing on the plants medical effects and their relationship with people. For the 2015 Biennale I will be making a new series of considering relations between human life and natural life.

1993    Graduated from SOUKEI Art School (Printmaking course)
2005    Residency programme at Norwich University of the Arts, England


2015 個展 “Entropy / Life” art gallery closet.東京都
2014 中之条ビエンナーレイベント“六合七月小径”
2013 中之条ビエンナーレイベント-群馬県中之条町六合地区・赤岩・湯本家
2013 個展 “Wnderkammer fur Nature” Tur aus Holz von neben strand.神奈川県
2012 個展 “mutant” RENSEI Print park・3331 Art Chiyoda.東京都
2011 個展 ”meta-species” garelie Malle.東京都
2010 個展 “Strategy” art gallery closet.東京都

2015  Solo exhibition “Entropy / Life” art gallery gallery closet. Tokyo.Japan.
2014   Nakanojo biennale event “Kuni Nanagatu Komichi”
Yumoto house. Akaiwa. Kuni area. Nakanojo town. Gunma prefecture.
2013   Nakanojo biennale 2013
Yumoto house. Akaiwa. Kuni area. Nakanojo town. Gunma prefecture.
Solo exhibition “Wnderkammer fur Nature”  Tur aus Holz von neben strand. Kanagawa prefecture.
2012    Solo exhibition “mutant” RENSEI Print park・3331 Art Chiyoda. Tokyo.
2011    Solo exhibition”meta-species” garelie Malle. Tokyo.
2010    Solo exhibition “Strategy” art gallery closet. Tokyo.


  • 馬場 恵 ARTWORKS
  • 馬場 恵 ARTWORKS
  • 馬場 恵 ARTWORKS
  • 馬場 恵 ARTWORKS
  • 馬場 恵 ARTWORKS
  • 馬場 恵 ARTWORKS