Padungsak Kochsomrong
タイ / Thailand

1964年バンコク生まれ。1991年チェンマイ大学芸術学部卒、1999年チェラーロンコーン大学教育学部卒。チェンマイ大学美術学部絵画講師。Studio XangのディレクターでありMAPファンデーションメンバー、国内外においてパフォーマンスや様々な表現方法で幅広く活動している。芸術、教育、行動主義を結合し、その自発性を擁護する。国際パフォーマンス芸術祭The Asiatopiaの参加者であり主催者。

He was born in Bangkok in 1964. He received a BFA in Painting at the Faculty of Fine Art, Chiang Mai University in 1991 and a Masters degree in Art Education at the Faculty of Education, Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok in 1999. As the Director of Studio Xang, Chiang Mai, Board member of MAP Foundation, he champions its initiatives which combine art, education, and activism. Padungsak is also a practicing artist and painting instructor at Chiang Mai University. He is a frequent participant and organizer of The Asiatopia International Performance Art Festival held annually in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. He has performed and exhibited widely, domestically and internationally.


2013 The 4th International Contemporary Art Exhibition, Art Islands in Tokyo (東京)
2012 The 15th Abiko International Open Air Art Exhibition, Chiba(千葉)
2012 Okinawa-Thai Exchange Art Exhibition, C.M.U art center, Chiang Mai(チェンマイ)
2011 minimo Ves art project, Thailand,(タイ)
2011 International Performance Art Festival ASIATOPIA, Thailand(タイ)
2010 Solo: Performance Art Laboratory Project"undisclosed territory",
2009 The 12th DFEWA International Symposium of Contemporary Art PARAZA FRANCE
2007 Solo: Surrealistic Conception, Faculty of Fine Arts CMU, Chiang Mai(チェンマイ)
2004 Solo: Deconstruction after the Condolence to the Authorities Project C.M.U,
Chiang Mai(チェンマイ)
2001 Solo: Perception & Reality, Chiang Mai University(チェンマイ)
2001 Solo: Freedom “How are you?” at Hull Time Based Arts, Hull, England(イギリス)


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