林 耕史

林 耕史




I continue to make sculptures out of wood. And I feel happy to put it in Nakanojo’s nature. It was 2011 when I installed my first sculpture in the Yamanoue Teien in Kuresaka Kogen, so 12 years have already passed. All the while, my sculpture stands quietly not only under the sun and blue sky, but also on rainy days and snowy days. Some works have decayed and returned to the soil, but many of them seem to be friends with the trees in the forest and enjoy the flowers that bloom every season.
I hope that the work I have created will be born as a new sculpture when it is placed on the spot and blends into the surrounding landscape.
In 2023, I would like you to see and touch the new sculptures in the wind of Nakanojo.


2023 Re:もう一つの前橋の美術(画廊翠巒)
2022 ミルコト・ミエナイコト・サワルコト〜感じる彫刻展(前橋市)
2022 有鄰館ビエンナーレ2022(桐生市)
2021/19/17/15/13/11 中之条ビエンナーレ
2020 「前橋の美術2020」アーツ前橋(前橋市)
2019/17/15/13/11/10/09/06 次代を担う彫刻家たち展(現代彫刻美術館他)
2019 「森の中の美術展XX」中之沢美術館(前橋市)
2019 個展:有鄰館(桐生市)
2019 個展:画廊翠巒(前橋市)
2019 個展:クロイデ・スヌーク・ギャラリー(アメリカ)
2018 「林耕史展」渋川市美術館(渋川市)
2018 個展「RIN/月が眠る山」(渋川市美術館)
2017/16/15 開かれた偏見のない眼=心展(前橋市)
2016 個展「月が通う森/月が眠る山」(中之条・花楽の里)
2013 個展「Sculpture 林耕史展」(渋川市)

国画会会員 群馬大学教授


2020 三井ガーデンホテル豊洲プレミア 他


2023 Re:“Mo-Hitotsu no Maebashi no Bijutsu”
2022 “Mirukoto-Mienaikoto-Sawarukoto”(Maebashi City)
2022 The Yu-Rin-Kan Biennale 2022 (Kiryu City)
2021/19/17/15/13/11 The Nakanojo Biennale
2020 ”Maebashi No Bijutsu 2020″ Arts Maebashi (Maebashi City)
2019/17/15/13/11/10/09/06 “The Exhibition of Rising Sculptors” Museum of Contemporary Sculpture etc.2019 ”Art Exhibition in the Forest XX” Nakanosawa Museum (Maebashi City)
2019 Solo Exhibition: Yu-Rin-Kan (Kiryu City)
2019 Solo Exhibition: Gallery Suiran (Maebashi City)
2019 Solo Exhibition: Cloyde Snook Gallery (USA)
2018 ”Koshi Hayashi Exhibition” Shibukawa City Museum of Art (Shibukawa City)
2018 Solo Exhibition “RIN/Mountain the Moon Sleeps”, Shibukawa City Museum
2017/16/15 The Exhibition “Open Eyes = Open Mind”, Maebashi
2016 Solo Exhibition “Forest the Moon Visits/Mountain the Moon Sleeps” Nakanojo/Karaku-no-sato.
2013 Solo Exhibition “Sculpture-Hayashi Koshi”

Member of the Kokugakai / Professor, Gunma University

Work installation

2020 Mitsui Garden Hotel Toyosu Premier  etc.