Yuchi Hsiao



Yuchi Hsiao’s artwork revolves the relationship between oneself and the surrounding. Through observing the traces and marks of people’s systematic life, her creation focuses on the unusual events in daily life. Her latest works were initialed from where she spent most of time during creation, the room, and project her intimate emotion and expression. She interested in people’s thinking and feeling, thoughts and behavioral reflections. She is also concerned about how to present inner behavior into the correspondent relationship between artwork and daily life, and make the work moving forward through thoughts.


M.F.A., Graduate School of New Media Art, Taipei National University of the Arts

Solo Exhibition
​2020 Flowing, Rolling, climbing, thatalright Art Space, Taipei
2019 Dear , Flowing, Hsiao, Digital Art Center, Taipei
2012 Situace 21 – Hsiao, Yu-Chi, Galerie Pavilon, Prague, Czech Republic

2020 National Culture and Arts Foundation Regular Grants, Taiwan
2020 Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government Regular Grants, Taiwan
2020 Yilan Awards, selected
2013 Grants for Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts, Course of Olga Chernysheva, Anna Jermolaewa, Austria

2017 Facade Videos Festival 2017 , Center for Contemporary Art – Plovdiv, The Ancient Bath, Bulgaria
2012 Videoholica Special Selection 2011 at SAMCA, Sofia Arsenal – Museum For Contemporary Art, Sofia,Bulgaria
2012 Festival Miden 2012, Historic Centre of Kalamata, Greece
2012 Oodaaq Festival 2012, Rennes,Frence

Selected Group Exhibition
2017 Meteorites were getting Tred of Rehearsal, morrow morrow, Taipei
2015 不在場行為, Pier 2 Short Term Artist Residency, Kaohsiung
2014 Dream – Reality : Moca Video Spring Special, Moca Taipei
2013 Take Martin to an Exhibition, Nanhai Gallery, Taipei
2013 Festival Miden screenings in Chios, Greece
2012 I AM HERE, Galerie AVU, Prague, Czech Republic
2012 Stand-In Techniques II – New Taiwanese Video Style, Hui Gallery, New Asia College, Hong Kong
2011 Photo Taipei 2011, Taiwan young artist selected show, Taipei
2011 Ahhhh…Planaria!, Kuandu Mesum of Fine Arts, Taipei