東野 哲史

Tetsushi Higashino



The response towards what is deemed insignificant in our everyday lives comes into focus. This interaction plays an essential role in my creative output; I refer to it as “Unproductive Production Activity.” In other words, it acts as a stimulus to re-evaluate what are generally considered as life’s trifling things. My primary concern is whether just a mere idea makes sense or not. I would just like to show the works made from not so unusual things and to express the situation and state where not so unusual things that I found are in existence.


1976年滋賀県生まれ。武蔵野美術大学造形学部空間演出デザイン学科卒業。非生産的生産活動という名目のもと、日常の取るに足らないものごとや単なる思いつきに対してのレスポンスを制作の起点として、インスタレーション、ビデオ、Web、パフォーマンスなど、メディアを問わず展開する。近年の主な展覧会:2017年「C-C-D」Edmund Felson Gallery(ベルリン)、2016年「滝川」Art Center Ongoing(東京)、2015年「アートと都市を巡る 横浜・台北」/BankART Studio NYK(横浜)など。


Born in Shiga, 1976. BFA, the Department of Scenography & Display Design, Musashino Art University, Tokyo. Starting from the response towards just a rubbish idea or what is deemed insignificant in our everyday lives, Tetsushi Higashino develops his art practice with diverse mediums such as installation, video, web, performance and others in the name of Unproductive Production Activities. Selected recent exhibitions: 2017 “C-C-D” Edmund Felson Gallery, Berlin, 2016 “Takigawa” Art Center Ongoing, Tokyo, 2015 “Art and City in Yokohama and Taipei” BankART Studio NYK, Yokohama.


  • 東野 哲史 ARTWORKS
  • 東野 哲史 ARTWORKS
  • 東野 哲史 ARTWORKS