岡本 晃樹

Teruki Okamoto
岡本 晃樹



I was a Juggler. used to throw, catch, or place. However, since I noticed that the relation between Body and Things is beyond the meaning of “Affordance”, I came to think how to be familiar with things, or how to farewell with them.

Body and Things must be able to relate deeply, and share something. So I investigate the new way to meet with things again. That must be the coincidence of memories, correct funeral, and the affirmation the future.


2013年 慶應義塾大学文学部 美学美術史学専攻 卒業
2019年 筑波大学人間総合科学研究科 前期博士課程 芸術専攻 修了

2013.Mar Graduated from Keio Univ Faculty of Literature , Aesthetics and Science of Arts
2019.Mar Graduated from Tsukuba University Comprehensive Human Sciences, Master’s Courese Art and Design


2018 年9 月 茨城県主催 県北芸術村推進事業として公演「Echoed Body」主催、出演
2017 年10 月 単独公演「Ripples Out」主催、出演。KYOTO EXPERIENCE フリンジ部門出展
2016 年5 月 単独公演「LOSTSCAPE」主催、出演。
2014 年12 月 ながめくらしつシアタートラム公演「誰でもない」出演
2009 年8 月北米周遊公演「Shoebox Tour 2009」ゲスト出演 北米10 箇所で公演
2007 年7 月 IJA(ジャグリング国際大会) ジュニア部門 銅賞

2018 Sep Solo Performance “Echoed Body” as Invited Artist by Ibaraki Prefecture
2017 Oct Solo Performance “Ripples Out” KYOTO EXPERIENCE Fringe
2016 May Solo Performance “LOSTSCAPE”
2014 Dec Nagamekurashitsu Solo Performance at Theater Tram
2009 Aug North America Circus Tour “Shoebox Tour 2009” Guest Performance
2007 International Juggling Association Junior Championship 3rd


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  • 岡本 晃樹 ARTWORKS
  • 岡本 晃樹 ARTWORKS