澤田 将哉

Masaya Sawada
澤田 将哉



Born in Tokyo in 1986, and Sawada lives now in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. After completing his doctorate at the Tama Art University Graduate Program, Sawada has been engaged in educational activities, including human resources training at universities and art museums, programs for the general public, and more.
In his artwork as a blacksmith and sculptor, Sawada calls his recent series “air.” Since 2017, this series has been his means of investigating ways of measuring relationships between humans and artworks. Since his childhood, Sawada has been intrigued with taking apart broken machinery and considering how parts fit and work together. Likewise, “air” seeks to explore and explicate the “spaces” or “gaps” between people and works of art. The recording within his own works linking mechanisms he has uncovered Sawada views as an extension of his own daily routines, acts along lines projecting from his daily actions. Another focus is the iron the artist uses in his works. In the iron production process, a black layer of oxidation forms and covers the iron. This oxide film becomes a partition that divides the iron from its ambient air. The existence of iron, visually heavy and massive, with its latent sense of resistance, can at times serve as a “ruler” to measure space—Sawada’s works show us then what the iron itself inherently displays.


2014 多摩美術大学大学院美術研究科博士後期課程美術専攻修了、博士号(芸術)取得
2011 多摩美術大学大学院美術研究科博士前期(修士)課程工芸専攻金属研究領域修了
2009 多摩美術大学美術学部工芸学科金属プログラム卒業

2014 Graduated from Doctoral Degree Course, Graduate School of Tama Art University (Ph.D.)
2011 Graduated from Graduate School of Tama Art University (M.F.A)
2009 Graduated from Tama Art University (B.F.A)


2018 「air no.2_my body scale」het Labo atrium(東京)
2017 「air no.1_het Labo atrium」het Labo atrium(東京)

2019 「Metal Art Street 2019」Gallery Kingyo、White Gallery(東京)
2016 「Jigum」Art District_p ADP2(プサン、韓国)
2016 「The 16th Annual Busan Sculptor Association Festival」(プサン、韓国)
2015 「Now展」東京都北区文化芸術活動拠点ココキタ(東京)
2014 「第50回神奈川県美術展」神奈川県民ホール(神奈川)
2014 「Metal Art Street 2014」Gallery Kingyo、Gallery Ten、Gallery汐花(東京)
2014 「SICF14」スパイラルホール(東京)
2013 「Metal Art Street 2013」Gallery Kingyo、Gallery Ten、Café & Gallery りんごや、Gallery汐花(東京)
2012 「ドイツ・アメリカ6都市巡回展」Terada project(ラーテノウ、ライプチヒ、ベルリン、テルトウ、ドイツ / マイアミ、ニューヨーク、アメリカ)
2012 「Metal Art Street 2012」Gallery Kingyo、Gallery Ten、Café & Gallery りんごや(東京)
2011 「金工戦士展」Gallery Tanaka(東京)
2008 「第11回岡本太郎現代芸術賞展」岡本太郎美術館(神奈川)

2017 「Harbour Art Fair 2017」マルコポーロ香港ホテル(香港、中国)
2016 「Kintex Spoon Art Show 2016」KINTEX第1展示場1・2ホール(ソウル、韓国)
2016 「Asia Hotel Art Fair Seoul 2016」JW マリオットホテル(ソウル、韓国)


Solo exhibitions
2018 “air no.2_my body scale”, het Labo atrium, Tokyo
2017 “air no.1_het Labo atrium”, het Labo atrium, Tokyo

Selected group exhibitions
2019 “Metal Art Street 2019”, Gallery Kingyo, White Gallery, Tokyo
2016 “Jigum”, Art District_p ADP2, Busan, Korea
2016 “The 16th Annual Busan Sculptor Association Festival”, Busan, Korea
2015 “Now”, Cocokita, Tokyo
2014 “The 50th Kanagawa Art Exhibition 2014”, Kanagawa Kenmin Hall, Kanagawa
2014 “Metal Art Street 2014”, Gallery Kingyo, Gallery Ten, Gallery Sekka, Tokyo
2014 “SICF14”, Spiral Hall, Tokyo
2013 “Metal Art Street 2013”, Gallery Kingyo, Gallery Ten, Café & Gallery Ringoya, Gallery Sekka, Tokyo
2012 “6 Cities Charity”, Terada project, Rathenow, Leipzig, Berlin, Teltow, Germany / Miami, New York, U.S.A.
2012 “Metal Art Street 2012”, Gallery Kingyo, Gallery Ten, Café & Gallery Ringoya, Tokyo
2011 “Kinkousenshi Exhibition”, Gallery Tanaka, Tokyo
2008 “The 11th Taro Okamoto Award for Contemporary Art”, Taro Okamoto Museum, Kanagawa

Selected art fairs
2017 “Harbour Art Fair 2017”, Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotel, Hong Kong, China
2016 “Kintex Spoon Art Show 2016”, Kintex, Seoul, Korea
2016 “Asia Hotel Art Fair Seoul 2016”, JW Marriott Hotel, Seoul, Korea


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  • 澤田 将哉 ARTWORKS
  • 澤田 将哉 ARTWORKS
  • 澤田 将哉 ARTWORKS
  • 澤田 将哉 ARTWORKS
  • 澤田 将哉 ARTWORKS