鉾井 喬

Takashi Hokoi





Artist, born in 1984 in Kanagawa Prefecture.

When I was a student, I participated in a bird man contest with a human-powered airplane club and flew in the sky as a pilot. The experience of a huge human-powered airplane being tossed around by a slight, unnoticeable breeze sparked his interest in wind, and I have since begun to create works on the theme of wind.
At the same time, while working for NHK, I took aerial movies of the tsunami from a helicopter during the Great East Japan Earthquake. After that, I continued to cover Fukushima Prefecture. After retiring, I released a travel documentary film about Fukushima called “Fukushima Cherry Blossom Journey.

Recently, I have been attempting to record the traces of wind, an expression of material and temporal transformation, and to question and experiment with the absolute human sense of sight. While living in two locations, Fukushima and Tokyo, I am exploring the possibility of art works that cooperate nature and energy, and the raising of issues to society.
I am currently participating in local art festivals across Japan and overseas artist-in-residence programs.
I have been a part-time lecturer at Tokyo University of the Arts since 2016.


2010 東京藝術大学大学院美術研究科デザイン専攻空間・演出研究室修了
2008 筑波大学芸術専門学群デザイン専攻卒業

2021 野村財団 芸術文化助成
2020 藝大美術エメラルド賞
2020 Vermont Studio Center Artist Grants
2016 第38回PFFアワード「福島桜紀行」入選
2011 日本新聞協会 新聞協会賞(NHK)
2011 東京写真記者協会 特別賞(NHK)
2010 東北写真記者協会 新人賞(NHK)

2021 HIBIYA BLOSSOM 2021(東京・東京ミッドタウン日比谷)
2020 原泉アートデイズ!2020(静岡・掛川)
2020 SIM Artist in residence (アイスランド・レイキャビク)
2020 SIM August Group Show(SIM Galleryアイスランド・レイキャビ)
2020 三越×藝大夏の芸術祭(東京・日本橋三越)
2020 想像する展覧会(郵送による展示・鑑賞者の自宅など)
2020 Vermont Studio Center Artist in Residence(バーモント・アメリカ)
2020 存在と遷移~エネルギーの行方~(福島・西会津国際芸術村)
2020 Vermont to Nishiaizu(福島・西会津国際芸術村)
2019 原泉アートデイズ(静岡・掛川)
2019 モリカラモリへ(長野・伊那)
2019 中之条ビエンナーレ2019(群馬・中之条)
2018 六甲ミーツアート(兵庫・六甲山)
2018 清山飯坂温泉芸術祭(福島・飯坂温泉)
2017 かけがわ茶エンナーレ(静岡・掛川)
2017 中之条ビエンナーレ2017(群馬・中之条)
2017 福島桜紀行イスラエル上映(イスラエル・ハイファ)
2017 感じる芸術祭「真鶴町なーれ」(神奈川・真鶴)
2016 かがわ・山なみ芸術祭(香川・綾川)
2016 展覧会「福島桜紀行」(神奈川・横浜市民ギャラリー)
2016 感じる芸術祭「真鶴町なーれ」(神奈川・真鶴)
2015 When the Wind Blows / 風が吹くとき: Fukushima and Portadown Cultural (北アイルランド)
2014 アラフドアートアニュアル2014(福島)
2013 土湯アラフドアートアニュアル(福島)


2010 M.F.A. in Space Design, Tokyo University of the Arts
2008 B.F.A. in Design, College of Art and Design, University of Tsukuba

2021 The Nomura Foundation Grant for Arts and Culture
2020 University of the Arts Emerald Art Prize
2020 Vermont Studio Center Artist Grants
2016 The 38th PFF Award “Traveling Fukushima with Cherry Blossom” Selected
2011 Japan Newspaper Publishers and Editors Association Newspaper Publishers and Editors Association Award (NHK)
2011 Special Prize, Tokyo Society of Photojournalists (NHK)
2010 Newcomer’s Award, Tohoku Photographic Press Association (NHK)

2021 HIBIYA BLOSSOM 2021(Tokyo Midtown Hibiya, Tokyo)
2020 Haraizumi Art Days! 2020 (Kakegawa, Shizuoka)
2020 SIM Artist in residence (Reykjavik, Iceland)
2020 SIM August Group Show (SIM Gallery Reykjavik, Iceland)
2020 Mitsukoshi x Geidai Summer Art Festival (Mitsukoshi, Nihonbashi, Tokyo)
2020 Imaginary Exhibition (Exhibition by mail, viewers’ home, etc.)
2020 Vermont Studio Center Artist in Residence (Vermont, USA)
2020 Existence and Transition: Whereabouts of Energy (Nishi-Aizu International Art Village, Fukushima, Japan)
2020 Vermont to Nishiaizu(Nishi Aizu International Art Village, Fukushima, Japan
2019 Haraizumi Art Days (Kakegawa, Shizuoka, Japan)
2019 To Morikara Mori (Ina, Nagano, Japan)
2019 Nakanojo Biennale 2019 (Nakanojo, Gunma)
2018 Rokko Meets Art (Mt. Rokko, Hyogo, Japan)
2018 Seizan Iizaka Onsen Art Festival (Iizaka Onsen, Fukushima)
2017 Kakegawa Chaennale (Kakegawa, Shizuoka, Japan)
2017 Nakanojo Biennale 2017 (Nakanojo, Gunma)
2017 Traveling Fukushima with Cherry Blossom to Israel Screening(Haifa, Israel
2017 Feeling Art Festival “Manazuru Machinare” (Manazuru, Kanagawa)
2016 Kagawa yamanami Art Festival (Ayagawa, Kagawa)
2016 Exhibition “Traveling Fukushima with Cherry Blossom” (Yokohama Civic Gallery, Kanagawa)
2016 Feeling Art Festival “Manazuru Machinare” (Manazuru, Kanagawa)
2015 When the Wind Blows: Fukushima and Portadown Cultural (Northern Ireland)
2014 Alafud Art Annual 2014 (Fukushima)
2013 Tsuchiyu Alafud Art Annual, Fukushima, Japan