出身地・活動地 : 四万温泉(中之条町)


温泉芸術研究所 荻原桶太郎解説


There is a rumor that Nakanojo has enshrined the god of wrinkles since ancient times, and Shima Onsen has many documents about Shiwanko-chan. Shima Onsen is a very attractive place to study hot spring art. By studying Shiwanko-chan, you can find out what tourism is, what regional art is, what art is, and by extension, Japanese culture and various problems.

Commentary by Oketaro Ogihara (Hot spring art research institute)



2021  中之条ビエンナーレでシワンコ幟旗が温泉協会に設置される
2020  シワンコ様がゆるキャラとしてシワンコちゃんとなる
2010  温泉藝術研究所がシワ乃神・シワンコ研究を始める
1990頃 シワンコ石が消える
1980頃 シワ乃神が忘れられる
1970頃 アングラ漫画家がよく訪れる
1960頃 シワンコの語り部が減る
1950頃 シワ乃神が目撃される
1886頃 シワ乃神を祀る秘儀が流出する
1868  旧幕臣神部文乃介がシワンコに導かれたと話す
1770  測量をしているというお爺さんと犬らしきものが通る
1681頃 温泉宿経営が成り立つ 大いに繁盛する 目撃例多数
1664  絵師によって描かれる 俳句にも登場か?
1563  落武者を助ける
989  光とともにあらわる


2021 The Shiwanko Flag is installed at the Onsen Association at the Nakanojo Biennale.
2020 Shiwanko-sama becomes Shiwanko-chan as a loose character.
2010 Onsen Geijutsu Research Institute begins Shiwanogami and Shiwanko research.
Around 1990 Siwanko stone disappears.
Around 1980 Shiwanogami is forgotten.
Around 1970 Underground manga artists often visit.
Around 1960 Siwanko’s storyteller is reduced.
Around 1950 Shiwanogami is sighted.
Around 1886, the secret ritual of enshrining Shiwanogami leaked out.
1868 Fuminosuke Kanbe, a former retainer of the shogunate, says that he was led by Siwanko.
1770 An old man who is surveying and a dog-like thing pass by.
Around 1681 The management of the hot spring inn was established and eventually prospered.
1664 Shiwanko drawn by an artist?
1563 Help the fallen Samurai.
989 Appearing with light.