岡崎 詩をり

Shiori Okazaki


From the silkworm of AKAIWA with history of sericulture, the thread made into powerful clean has been produced. I use the raw silk made in area make the mountains around this area to exhibition space. Therefore, I climb the mountains around local first and make the form of mountains memorized on the body.
The appreciation person can experience vicariously a scene when it is what “is overlooked “and a mountain is actually climbed in the inside of the done mountain. 〔”looking up”〕


2015 東京五美術大学連合卒業・修了制作展(六本木)
2015 ZOKEI展〈2014年度 東京造形大学卒業研究・卒業制作展 東京造形大学 大学院修士論文・修士制作展
2014 Art Program Ome 2014 4大学学生展(青梅)
2014 NUNO art 展 II (千駄木)
2014 Mountains 展  (八王子)
2014 二人展 Movement――ものしずかな――(埼玉)
2013 Art Program Ome 2013 4大学学生展(青梅)
2013 Small Strange Suits 展(千駄木)
2013 M-ポリフォニー 2013 -joint- 展 (八王子)

2015 Joint Graduation Exhibition of Five Art Universities in Tokyo
2015  Tokyo Zokei University Graduation Works Exhibition
2014  Art Program Ome 2014  Four Universities Exhibition
2014  NUNO artⅡ
2014  Mountains
2014  Movement–quiet—
2013  Art Program Ome 2013  Four Universities Exhibition
2013  Small Strange Suits
2013  M-polyphony 2013 –joint-


  • 岡崎 詩をり ARTWORKS
  • 岡崎 詩をり ARTWORKS
  • 岡崎 詩をり ARTWORKS
  • 岡崎 詩をり ARTWORKS
  • 岡崎 詩をり ARTWORKS