大森 愛

Ai Ohmori


1980 群馬県生まれ
2004 女子美術大学芸術学部洋画科油画専攻卒業

The motive of this work is the sense of paradox in every day life. The paradox could be something that you are missing in your life, for example, the beauties, transience, emptiness and coziness of daily life.
Throughout my work the things that I value the most is cherishing both the body and the spirit.
I create them with a little prayer for “the absence of the body” in repeated daily life.
Although there are times where it gets difficult to accept the things that make you want to turn your eyes away, I sincerely wish to create pieces that are breathed into your heart as air goes into your dear body.

1980  Born in Gunma
2004 Graduated from Department of Fine Arts,Oil Painting Course,Joshibi  University of Art and Design


2006、’07、’08、’10 藍画廊/東京
2012 トキアートスペース/東京
2012 -画廊からの発言-新世代への視点2012・ギャラリー川船/東京
2014 ギャラリー川船/東京

2008 京橋3-3-8展/藍画廊
2011、’12 Field of now/銀座洋協ホール
2014 ジ・アートフェアズ:+プリュス-ウルトラ/スパイラルガーデン

Solo Exhibitions
2006、’07、’08、’10 Ai Gallery, Tokyo
2012 Toki Art Space, Tokyo
2012 Statements from Galleries,Focusing on a new generation in Tokyo 2014, Kawahune Gallery,Tokyo
2014 Kawahune Gallery,Tokyo

Group Exhibitions
2008 Kyobashi 3-3-8 Exhibition/Ai Gallery (Tokyo)
2011、’12 Field of now/Ginza Yokyo Hall (Tokyo)
2014 THE ART FAIR + PLUS-ULTRA 2014/Spiral Garden (Tokyo)


  • 大森 愛 ARTWORKS
  • 大森 愛 ARTWORKS
  • 大森 愛 ARTWORKS
  • 大森 愛 ARTWORKS