中澤 小智子


1997-98 イタリア政府給費留学生としてAccademia di belle arti di Milano(BRERA)に学ぶ
2000  東京芸術大学大学院美術研究科後期博士課程美術専攻(彫刻)修了



1997-98   Obtained the scholarship of Italian Government, worked at National Academy of  Arts in Milano(BRERA)
2000   Earned enough credits required for the doctoral degree at the ArtsGraduate Course (Doctor Course) in Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music

Through my work I explore dualities: life and death, present and past, the fleeting moment and the eternal. For everyone, in order to bring the self into being, we are always on the boundary of these dichotomies, not wholly one or the other.
My work often features plants in conjunction with parts of the human body cut off from a posture at the moment, and this aims to evoke in the viewer a sense of experiencing two sides of something at a profound level, with sculpted works which have taken time to create.


2013   「これも、すべて同じ一日」Steps Gallery・東京 銀座
2008   「様々な断片」ギャラリー山口・東京 京橋
1999    旧図書館・イタリアDiano Marina市

2015   “DanDans – Une nouvelle génération d’artistes japonais”/日本文化会館・Galerie BOA /パリ・フランス
2013   NEW ASIA SYMPATHY AND DIFFERENCE 清州国際現代美術展/シェマ アート ミュージアム/清州・韓国
2013   夏の思い出 森の夢/ヤマザキマザック美術館/愛知・名古屋
2010   DANDANS at No Man’s Land/在日フランス大使館・東京・広尾
2011   The Lounge/銀座ブルガリタワー8階 プライベート・ラウンジ/東京・銀座
2011   日独交流150周年記念 Hierher Dorthin ―こちらへ、あちらへ―/ドイツ文化会館/東京・赤坂
2011   中之条ビエンナーレ2011/伊参スタジオ/群馬・中之条(’13)

Selected solo exhibition
2013   Steps Gallery / Ginza  Tokyo,Japan
2008   “Some pieces” Gallery YAMAGUCHI / kyoubashi  Tokyo, Japan
1999   Old librery of Diano Marina, Diono Marina, Italy.

Selected group exhibition
2015   “DanDans – Une nouvelle génération d’artistes japonais” , MCJP , Galerie BOA ,Paris France
2014   “NEW ASIA SYMPATHY AND DIFFERENCE”  The1st CHONGJU International contemporary art exhibition, SCHEMA ART MUSEAM, Chonglu,Korea
2013   ” A  forest Dream , Memories of summer” The  Yamazaki Mazak  Museum of  Art / Nagoya,Japan
2013   “Nakanojo Biennale” SATORI, Nakanojo, Gunma, Japan
2012   “Exhibition of by five artists” Frederick Harris Gallery, Tokyo American club, Tokyo, Japan
2011   “The Lounge” The Bulgari Ginza Tower,8th floor private lounge, Ginza, Tokyo,Japan
2011   “Hirher-Dorthin” Goethe Institut Tokyo, Aoyama, Tokyo, Japan
2011   “Nakanojo Biennale” Isama Studio Park, Nakanojo, Gunma, Japan
2010   “DANDANS at No man’s Land” the former French  Embassy Annex Building, Hiroo, Tokyo, Japan


  • 中澤 小智子 ARTWORKS
  • 中澤 小智子 ARTWORKS
  • 中澤 小智子 ARTWORKS
  • 中澤 小智子 ARTWORKS
  • 中澤 小智子 ARTWORKS
  • 中澤 小智子 ARTWORKS