永井 里枝

Rie Nagai


In our time we live too hard, to fast. Moreover we fray our nerves during daily trifles. It is as if we have a punctum caecum in our minds. The problem with punctum caecum in our mind is that we become unable to feel not only our own mind but also others’.

Therefore I focused on the emotional stimulation quality of the medium of painting. I created the reflected image by scraping foil with a needle.

In addition, I did not draw real images but the reflected images on water.

The contrast between the absence of motifs and the existence of emotional lines aim at visualizing and imaginary landscape which has “absence”: punctum caecum in our minds.

I cannot help hope creating a ground for the audience to gain back their minds by viewing the pictures.


2015 アマダレ 塩澤清志・竹下修司・永井里枝(画廊翠巒,前橋)
2014 ファウンテン・アートフェア2014(EMP Gallery,ニューヨーク)
2014 東北芸術工科大学 卒業・修了制作展[東京展](東京都美術館,東京)
2014 東北の明Ⅱ(画廊くにまつ 青山, 南青山, 東京)
2013 スイス・モントルー・アートフェア2013(EMP Gallery,スイス)
2013 碧い石見の芸術祭 全国美術大学奨学日本画展2013(島根)
2012 上海アートフェア2012(EMP Gallery,上海)
2012 東北のいぶき dadacha(銀座スルガ台画廊, 銀座, 東京)
2012 碧い石見の芸術祭 全国美術大学奨学日本画展2012(島根)
2012 ひじおりの灯プロジェクト(ひじおり温泉,山形)

2015 Amadare (Galerie SUIRAN,Gunma)
2014 Fountain Art Fair(EMP Gallery,New York)
2014 TUAD Graduation Research & Project Exhibit(Yamagata&Tokyo)
2014 Tohoku no Akari Ⅱ(gallery KUNIMATSU,Tokyo)
2013 SUISSE MONTRUUX ART GALLEY(EMP Gallery,Switzerland)
2013 ART AOI IWAMI 2013(Shimane)
2012 Shanghai Art Fair(EMP Gallery,Shanghai)
2012 dadacha(Gallery SURUGADAI,Tokyo
2012 ART AOI IWAMI 2012(Shimane)
2012 HIJIORI Light Project 2012(Yamagata)


  • 永井 里枝 ARTWORKS
  • 永井 里枝 ARTWORKS
  • 永井 里枝 ARTWORKS
  • 永井 里枝 ARTWORKS
  • 永井 里枝 ARTWORKS
  • 永井 里枝 ARTWORKS