PJ Bruyniks
出身地・活動地:The Netherlands

I construct things:

With love to use the uncommon characteristics of materials, to figure out how to connect them, to play with the tensions between fragile and rough or between sharp lines and undefined shapes.

With love to de-symbolize objects, to examine what is behind human behavior like group dynamics and desire, or what defines uselessness. To deconstruct how and why we attribute values to our perception, feelings, thoughts and decisions.

With these interests in the back of my mind a thing is constructed.


Education and residencies: 
2019    Artist in residence, Sculpture Space, Utica, New York
2019    Ceramics post-graduate study, EKWC, Oisterwijk
2018    Artist in residence, Tembe Art Studio, Moengo, Suriname
2017    Artist in residence, Instituto Buena Bista, Curaçao
2015    Artist in residence, Da Wang, Shenzhen, China
2014    Artist in residence, Gyeonggi Creation Center, Korea
2008-2013 BA Fine Arts, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam

Exhibitions (selection):
CAMM II, Moengo, Suriname
Move, Don’t be a chicken, Move!, Moengo, Suriname (unveiling public art work)
The temporality is the value, IBB, Curaçao (solo)
Big Art, De Zonnewijser, Amsterdam
Dufus Tidious, Paleis van Mieris, Amsterdam
A Temporary Farewell Show, Galerie Witteveen, Amsterdam
Ritme & Regelmaat, Galerie Witteveen, Amsterdam
Paradise Shift, Punt WG, Amsterdam
Chinese Everywherism, Da Wang Culture Highland, China (solo)
Sliced standing, standing sliced, Inkijk, Amsterdam (solo)
Korean Success, Gyeonggi Creation Center, Korea (solo)
Turns in Fine Art, Galerie Witteveen, Amsterdam
Schok, Klimduin, Schoorl
Ecce Homo, Aterlierhaus, Aachen, Germany
Connected in Difference, Galerie Witteveen, Amsterdam
Down the Rabbit Hole, Lichtfabriek, Haarlem
Fort Abcoude, Abcoude
Moved Winds, Wolfhagen, Germany
Global Village, Sully, France
Kiefersteinbruch, Fürstenbrunn, Austria
Art Pie (with RC de Ruimte), Amsterdam
RC de Ruimte, IJmuiden
#2 Designed Nature in Frankendael park, Amsterdam
Funen Art Gallery, Amsterdam (solo)
Art Pie (with Het Kattenbak Collectief), Amsterdam
Galerie Post, Hulst
Galerie Vonkel, Den Haag
Woerdstock, Woerden

Projects (selection):
FoMO Moengo, Moengo Visual Arts Festival, Suriname
The collaborative work “FoMO Moengo” was created with Vera Visser for this festival. An expression of the impressions of what happens during the evenings in Moengo.
Educational projects with students from IBB, Curaçao
Students made ‘machines that attribute values’ .And storytellings about the fictitious ‘fact’ of a hype of the appearance everywhere of ‘The Macamba on an Iguana’
Let’s Celebrate Being Second, Tartu, Estonia (solo)
Prototypes for monuments in Tartu, the second city of Estonia. Being second is the best position because you can do whatever you want. So you will never fail.
Norway’s First Small Talk Festival, Storhaug, Ålvik, Norway (solo)
Centered around the Small Talk Starters Kit the local population shared their small talks, songs, bites, jokes and drinks.
What happened between the walls, Fontrodona’s Artspace, Amsterdam (duo)
A project with Vera Visser. During two weeks we alternately reacted on each other’s work. A booklet documenting every step was produced and the final result was exhibited.
Uncut – The Living Object, Brakke Grond, Amsterdam
About the relationship between man and object and the influence of material on the artist
2055: Nieuw Vennep – New Babylon, Post NV, Nieuw Vennep
A vision on the future of Nieuw Vennep (a small town) in 2055. Can it be turned into a New Babylon?
GLOW, Designhuis, Eindhoven
Using light as medium to visualize Philipsdorp, a city-district that was built and designed for workers of Philips.
The Pyramid of IJmuiden, RC de Ruimte IJmuiden
At different locations works that respond to the theme “I hear a new world”.
The Sound of Shadow, Basisbureau & Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam
16 silent movies were projected simultaneously on 13 different screens. An experiment to investigate if moving images, set in a special composition, can simulate sound.
ASUAX – Amsterdam-Shanghai Unknown Artists eXchange, Amsterdam
19 artists of Het Kattenbak Collectief pretended to be Chinese artists (including a Chinese name and a Chinese CV).
The Wonder of Woerdes, Defensie eiland, Woerden
How to make from a small town a pilgrimage site like Lourdes

Grants and prizes:
Grant from Stichting Stokroos for the project “Ceramics Meccano” at EKWC
Grant from Mondriaanfonds to participate at the Moengo Festival, Suriname
Grant from Mondriaanfonds for a residency at Tembe Art Studio, Suriname
Grant from Mondriaanfonds for a residency at Instituto Buena Bista, Curaçao
cholarship for project “Let’s Celebrate Being Second” at Studio Tartuensis, Estonia
Fellowship for residency at Da Wang, Shenzhen, China
3rd prize with Dugout at Moved Winds, Germany
Incentive prize from inner-city project group, Amsterdam
Miloslav Chlupáč Foundation Grant for Stone Sculpture Symposium, Salzburg

Other activities:
2012-now  Outdoor wood sculpture projects with and for children
2016-2016 Guest artist for land art projects at UWC Nordic, Norway
2009-2011 Art education projects with juvenile convicts
2008-2009 Member of artist collective Het Kattenbak Collectief

As a child I often played with all kinds of materials to build temporary constructions. But when I “discovered” painting I thought I found my real interest. I wanted to learn how to paint as well as I could, so I studied techniques to master it myself. When I was nineteen I had my first exhibitions and I felt that my future was to be a painter.

In my late twenties the (side-) jobs in combination with painting took more time and for years making was on the back burner. So early in my forties I decided again to be a painter. I became a member of an artist collective, initiated and organized art events and started to explore other art disciplines. This really took off when I entered the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and started to work with all different kinds of materials. During the years at the academy I realized that making sculptural installations is what challenge me most. And which subjects fascinate me to start making things.

Now I know that I am not a painter or sculptor but a constructor of things, just like I started as a child.


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  • PJ・ブラニックス ARTWORKS