No border(阿部真理亜 + 花沢忍)

No border(Maria Abe + Shinobu Hanazawa)
No border(阿部真理亜 + 花沢忍)

「世界の総質量は変わらない、と誰かが言った。誰かがしんでも、その人の分の質量は形をかえてこの世界にあるんだ。2019.2.13 花沢のテキストより」

Hanazawa mainly works on writing and drawing with the theme about the death of familiar people, how to face death and living, and the form of funeral. She generally makes paintings and it is extremely private, and her text shows Hanazawa’s life lively.
Abe interprets one’s life and the world as “a certain room”, and express life and body beyond life in her dance performance as well as video and text. In this performance, Abe fluctuates her own body as “a container”. This is an experiment to bury Hanazawa’s personal story into Abe’s own body and let it out as it goes. Hanazawa lost a person close to her 5 years ago. Since then, she has written a long text up to 50,000 words, and the drawings and poems are based on this text. She is re-interpreting living and death, and reconstruct memories and time to find a new view of living and death. Also, while Abe performs, Hanazawa, who usually mainly works on drawing expresses a “word”, they will cross over their own field and create a new installation. “Somebody said that the quantity of this world never changes. Even though somebody passes away, the same quantity of his or her body would exist in another form. (Feb, 13th 2019. referenced from Hanazawa’s text)


阿部真理亜 / Maria Abe



第13回「奏楽堂企画学内公募」最優秀企画『音のいろ、音のかたち 〜現代音楽はスペクタクルの夢をみるか〜』@東京藝大奏楽堂 出演


韓国公演New Dance for Asia亀頭可奈恵振付作品 出演

Tokyo Babylonian Collection
Audience Award Winner.
Mikiko Kawamura “Room 303” appearred

The 13th “Gakudo Project Int’l Public Offering” Best Project “Color of Sound, Form of Sound – Contemporary Music Looking at the Dream of the Spectacle ~” Performed by the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music

East Asian Cultural City 2018 opening ceremony performance
Shota Ide appearance “KANAZAWA SAMPO” appearance

Korean Performance New Dance for Asia Kanao Kanae Choreographed Appearance


花沢忍 / Shinobu Hanazawa

多摩美術大学油画科 中退

2018 個展「まわる世界」banbinartgallery、東京
2017 シェル美術賞 能勢陽子審査員賞授賞
2016岡本太郎現代芸術賞 入選

2018 Solo Exhibition “small wonderful world” · bambinart gallery(shinobu hanazawa )
2017 Shell Art Award NoseYoko Judge Award(shinobu hanazawa )
2016The 19th Taro Okamoto Contemporary Art Award (shinobu hanazawa )


  • No border(阿部真理亜 + 花沢忍) ARTWORKS
  • No border(阿部真理亜 + 花沢忍) ARTWORKS
  • No border(阿部真理亜 + 花沢忍) ARTWORKS
  • No border(阿部真理亜 + 花沢忍) ARTWORKS