二村 元子



As the years go by, I came to respect for the working of the nature. At the same time, I am filled with loving tenderness for nature’s change in every moment. I try to cut out the instant of nature’s change, or to give shape to it stuffing with the process of its change. Utilizing the materials and shapes that originate from the nature, I try to express clearly primordial form of life.

In order to make my idea and works not only for myself, but also for the society we are in, I hold the exhibitions and workshops, involving a great many people.


2015 願成寺古墳群美術展(岐阜県)
2014 個展「Re∞Birth」(上宮寺/岐阜市)
2013 源流展(岐阜県美術館)~14
2013 谷汲プロジェクト ワークショップ(岐阜県)
2008 個展「記憶のすみか」(岐阜市)
2008 つくる。―first contact―展(愛知県)
2004 個展「約束された記憶」(岐阜県)
2004 個展「かいだん展覧会」(すどう美術館/東京)
2003 岐阜・内モンゴル美術展(フフホト/中国)
2003 COBALT展(岐阜県美術館)~06

[ Exhibition ]
2015  GANJOJI Old Mounds Exhibition(Gifu)
2014  Solo Exhibition“Re∞Birth”(Joguji Temple /Gifu)
2013  GENRYU Exhibition (The Gifu Prefectural Museum of Art) ~14
2013  TANIGUMI Project [Workshop] (Gifu)
2008  Solo Exhibition“The place of memories”(Gifu)
2008  TSUKURU.“first contact”Exhibition (Aichi)
2004  Solo Exhibition “The Promised Memory”(Gifu)
2004  Solo Exhibition “KAIDAN Exhibition”(SUDO Gallery /Tokyo)
2003  Gifu & Inner Mongolia Exhibition
(The Inner Mongolia Museum of Art /Huhehaoto/ China)
2003  COBALT Exhibition (The Gifu Prefectural Museum of Art)~06


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  • 二村 元子 ARTWORKS
  • 二村 元子 ARTWORKS
  • 二村 元子 ARTWORKS